Civic Museum and Archeological Park of Travo


Civic Museum and Archeological Park of Travo
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Within the Park, the archaeological site of Saint Andrea, dating back to 6000 years ago, still has a dense  network of structures that can be traced back to a settlement from the Neolithic period. These remains allowed for full-scale reconstruction - also within the Park - of some buildings set up with copies of artifacts
found on site.

The collection of finds exhibited inside the Anguissola Castle, home to the Museum, was created and grew thanks to the research activity in the area: it illustrates the history of the ancient population of the middle and upper Trebbia Valley that starts from the Paleolithic and spans up to the Middle Ages.

The promotion, enhancement of the archaeological heritage carried out in the Park from April to November and at the Museum all year roundcovers several events: festivals, days, evenings and themed events (with workshops and demonstrations). Such activities of a didactic and edutainment type, range from cultural (historical, archaeological, mythological) to environmental, given the attention paid by the organizers to the naturalistic context in which the Park is inserted.

Guided and themed visits to the Museum and Park.

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