La Torretta Winery


La Torretta Winery
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La Torretta ,a historic winery of Piacenza, is located in the heart of the Tidone Valley. A valley in the western part of the province of Piacenza,

Historical references to La Torretta date back to the 1600’s, and there are visible signs from that era in the surrounding nucleus of ancient buildings and land. Vineyards were outlined in a map dating back to 1822.

The winery has 85 acres of vineyards , the perfect size for achieving flavor and a selection of varieties, which guarantees superior nonindustrial farming and a final result of unquestionable quality.

The farm offers a extremely varied selection of wine, suitable for every palate: traditional PDO wines and more looked for wines as sparkling wine and passito.

La Torretta does not just mean quality wine but also olive oil. It has received recognition as being the first company to re-introduce the cultivation of olives in the valley. Olive trees were growing back in the 1800’s as demonstrated by the presence of century-old olive trees in the area.

La Torretta is open year round for visits and tastings. Tastings take place in a suggestive location with view on vineyards and olive trees and are always preceded by a guided tour in the canteen. In winter time is available a private room.

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