Kronos - Duomo Museum of Piacenza


Kronos - Duomo Museum of Piacenza
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The Kronos Museum was born in 2015 for documenting the Duomo Cathedral and Diocese history.

It has three leves:
1. The ground floor with a permanet exhibiton where a video tells about the Piacenza Episcopal Complex history and it's possibile to admire the Sculptures Room, the Treasure Room and the little Pictures Gallery which contains the San Gerolamo and the Guido Reni's Angel in dialogue with an Achrome of Piero Manzoni being parts of Mazzolini Collection.
2. The seond level, where the upper sacristies hold the sections of the vestments and temporary exhibitions.
3. The third level, dedicated to Code 65 (o The Teacher Book which is the most important and the most mysterious book in the Cathdral, but also the most relevant in the City) and to the archivistic section.
From this level will start a path for arriving in the Dome painted by Guercino from 1626 to 1627. The rise is through medieval paths in the wall thickness, spiral staircases, attics and allows continuous breathtaking views of both the city and the interior of the cathedral.

Very rich is also the didattic offering with labs and guided tours which range from Medieval age to contemporary, being a wide and important offering for every schools orders.

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