Il Poggiarello


Il Poggiarello
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Born in 1980 by the volountee of Perini and Ferrari families, this Farm is located in Val Trebbia.
By the old portico from 1800 is possibile to see the Garden, Piacenza City and the Castels Panoramic view.

Here it's possibile to discover the ancient flavour and perfume.
There are 20 hectars totaly eco-sustanaiable, farming system, soil management, vegetative containment, cluster thinning and strictly manual harvesting characterize Il Poggiarello and guarante a production of safe quality.

The spirit is to guarantee each bottle a history and individual care that starts from the selction of the vines that best suit the soil, the climate, the biological requirements and that ends with cutting-edge production processes, respecting the Piacenza wine tradition.
Guided tours and tastings with the possibility of purchasing the products are available upon reservation. 

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