Giarola Vacation Houses


Giarola Vacation Houses

The vacation houses in Giarola are rented for self-management to groups.

The two houses, available all year long, can be rented individually or, for large groups, even at the same time.
The houses are distant from each other about 150 meters and they are completely autonomous both for internal and external spaces.
Each house is equipped with bedrooms of various sizes, with private bathrooms, a large dining room, multipurpose rooms for recreational and aggregation activities, kitchen furnished in hotel mode.

Each house, outside, is surrounded from about 25,000 square meters, divided into sports and parking areas, lawn, forest, bonfire and barbecue space .

In addition to the two vacation houses, in a green and silent area nearby, we have four independent houses available for the service staff.

The managers, who live in an area adjacent to the entire estate, are at complete disposal to solve any problem that may arise during the vacation.
Furthermore, they can provide useful suggestions regarding “0 kilometers” food supplies, territorial services of any kind, indications about the paths that branch off from the vacation center and radiates in the surrounding area, information about landscape and naturalistic destinations.

Two kilometers from Giarola, we have a camping area for groups that is rented for self-management.
It covers an area of 30,000 square meters and it is composed of a large grass lawn in the center, entirely surrounded from oak woods.
Water and electricity service available.
The whole area is rented to a single group per vacation period.

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