Dallara Academy


Dallara Academy

The Dallara Academy, built by Giampaolo Dallara, it's a design building which has two floors, linked with a wide curved glass ramp walkable.

It's a multifuncional building, focused on themes important for the company: the link with the territory, the technology and the training.

The Dallara Academy hosts a Didattic Labs area, dedicated to the schools; a Univeristy zone on MUNER: an auditorium which has 350 seats and a museum and expositive area in which there are the cars designed by Dallara first, and then by Dallara Automobiles.

The visitor can be immersed, free or with a guide, in a walking in the race and on high performance road cars and history, whitout losing the touch with the environment, thanks to the window which follows the trajectory of the intire ramp.

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