Corte della Maddalena R&B


Corte della Maddalena R&B

Della Maddalena Court is an ancient court build with stones, now completely restored with wood, iron and stone. 

It is located in Ventasso and it is a building born for unify a high quality hospitality and the possibility to know the land where it is placed.

For this reason, it is a place where it’s possibile to do a trip in the Apennine heart, trough novels and the book reading, which was written by Rosi about the culture and this land identity, but also be accompanied to visit suggestive place by Vincenzo and Rosi, the owners, who are Licensed Environmental Excursionist Guides. 

The entire court host the Amanzio Fiorini pictures, historical photographer of the Apennine, who is Rosi’s uncle. 

This place is, in fact, a quite place, where relax or depart for a mountain excursion, or enjoy the couple time and cultivate the place’s memories.

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