Canossa Castle and Naborre Campanini National Museum


Canossa Castle and Naborre Campanini National Museum

Castello di Canossa was probably founded around the last X century by Adalberto Atto, who starts skillful policy of acquisitions, trade-ins and achievements that will allow the granddaughter to govern a wide territory from Verona to the high part of Lazio region.

Little remains of that first ancient complex: the imposing ruins that can be seen today on the cliff are mostly related to the late Middle Ages and subsequent centuries. This situation was created by different factors like the natural deterioration for the time and the abandonment, the collapse of part of the slopes of the rocky massif but also to the damage caused during at least two sieges. The famous historic meeting of January 1077 has made the name of Canossa known all over the world.

The rock hosts the Naborre Campanini Museum, which exposes the ancient artifact coming from the archeological excavations near the Castle at the end of 1800. The Association proposes guided tours, in costume animated tours, didactic labs, exhibitions, cultural events in every time of the year. 

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