CA Bike Experience


CA Bike Experience

CA Bike Experience is the fruit of two great passions: outdoor sports and a deep bond with the territory.

With its services, it aims to promote and share the beauty of the area in which it is based and operates - Castell'Arquato, Val d'Arda and surroundings - in a way that is innovative, fun, eco-friendly and within everyone’s reach.

CA Bike Experience’s goal is not simply to provide a bike rental service for cycling tours, but also to act as a reference test point for previewing and testing the latest innovations developed by its technical partner.

CA Bike Experience also offers a guide service: instructors and cycling sports guides, trained and certified by the Italian Cycling Federation, will accompany visitors on scheduled or customized guided tours, on request.

The tours on offer have a variety of themes including typical food and wine, exploration of the territory’s cultural treasures and slow experiential tourism in general.

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