Bussola Restaurant


Bussola Restaurant

The Bussola restaurant, is located in the countryside of Campagnola Emilia, about 20 km north from Reggio Emilia and 14 km from the famous Po River. Our area was a feud of the Gonzaga dukes, one of the most important families in Europe between 1300 and 1700, so our traditions are influenced not only by the Emilian culture but also by the Mantuan culture where the family came from.

In the past, the restaurant was a country farmhouse where the family cultivated the land and raised cattle and pigs. The current owners bought and renovated the building, preserving the characteristics of the farmhouse, and in 1987 they opened the pizzeria offering also high quality traditional Emilian cuiseine and seafood dishes typical of the Romagna region. 

The chefs of our restaurant will never cease to amaze you, preparing tasty and genuine dishes every day, with typical high-quality products, directly from the local farms. The fresh pasta proposed is exclusively handmade by a team of women from Emilia, called sfogline. 

On our menu you will find Tortelli , a stuffed pasta, with different kind of fillings. The most traditional are spinach and cottage cheese or pumpkin from Mantova. One of our most required and loved pasta is “Cappelletti”, still made with a grandmother's recipe. 

In the menu you will find, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Balsamic vinegar together with cured meats as Parma ham(prosciutto), Bologna mortadella, and other cold cuts. You will try them together with our home-made fried dumpling and Tigella (a kind of flat bread).

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