Api Libere Farm


Api Libere Farm
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We are beekeepers that produce organic honey and educational ecological projects to transmit everyone the value of direct experience on the farm e live the wonderfull beehive world of our italian bees (Apis mellifera ligustica) italian subspecies we keep.

The activities, by appointment, dedicated to adults and children from 3 years of age, take place between the teaching room and "classrooms" in the open air. With us it’s also possible to “adopt a bee”, give it a name and come to recognize it in the field during guided tours.

The farming is located on the countrypath called Strada della Biodiversità, in the Modolena park (10 minutes from Reggio Emilia) that can be traveled on foot, by bicycle, on horseback and also with company of expert environmental guides, which connects 10 farming and Inn, where to eat, sleep and buy traditional and innovative products, including organic products, on direct sale.

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