Antico Mulino di Ottone


Antico Mulino di Ottone

Follow the scent of fragrant shortcrust pastry biscuits, it will lead you to Alta Valtrebbia.

In Ottone, where the Apennines are shared by Emilia and Liguria, there is the pastry workshop and bakery of the Antico Mulino di Ottone, located in the former historic Piacenza Tramway headquarters.
The Antico Mulino di Ottone was founded here, originating in Alessandro Traverso's desire to find inspiration to create excellent taste in nature and its rhythms, exactly like in the past.

Not only biscuits, but also pandolce, nougat, panettone, Easter colomba, schiacciatine... everything is handmade using carefully selected fresh ingredients.

In an area that stands out for its natural beauty, discover the specialities of the Antico Mulino di Ottone of Alta Valtrebbia.

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