Altri Passi


Altri Passi

Altri PASSI is a GAE’s (Guides for Interpretive Nature) association that foster knowledge of the natural environment and reflect on the role of man within the mountain territory. It operates mainly inside the Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano and the MAB area through numerous projects, from the days of environmental education to the accompaniment in hiking of individuals (accompanying individual hikers), groups, schools or associations. Moreover the Association promotes responsible and eco-sustainable tourism by joining networks and partnerships that support projects promoting a respectful use/fruition of natural habitats and a correct approach to human activities.

Excursions: our proposals are an introduction to the discovery of naturalistic, cultural, historical and traditional aspects. We lead hiking, bike tours, nordic walking excursions and snowshoe hiking. From discovering the snowy world to the immersion in the natural environment with bird-watching or animal-watching, the experience of our guides will allow you a better knowledge of the Apennines.  

Environmental Educationwe realize/carry out activities for the whole family and people of all ages. Games in nature, in dedicated moments such as Summer Camps, specific thematic meetings and specific dedicated training.

Outdoor Education: group activities to experience living the environment and to test your own body, for the knowledge of yourself and the other. Teambuilding proposals for companies and groups. We are able to organize and manage group activities to experience the meaning of living the environment and living your body by stimulating the awareness of oneself and others. Team building proposals for companies or spontaneous groups. Activities in which one's skills and knowledge are challenged with orienteering, pioneering and experiential education courses.

Lakes, rivers, forests, peaks and ridges are destinations that can be easily reached thanks to the guides of Altri Passi.

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