Agriappennino Farm


Agriappennino Farm
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The Agriappennino farm is located in an organic secular chestnut grove in Cecciola of Ventasso within the Parco dell'Appennino Tosco-Emiliano and is specialized in chestnuts, ancient fruits and small fruits of the Apennines. Inside the chestnut grove some scenes of the film “La Signora Matilde”have been filmed.

The harvested chestnuts are still slowly dried,in according to the tradition, in a renovated metato owned by the company.

In addition to dried chestnuts and flour, in recent years has been studied a whole line of chestnut products (pasta, biscuits, beer, typical Christmas products as well as a cosmetic line).

Near to the castagneto there is the center for the rural tourism of Cecciola, a stone village composed of three houses, self-managed and independent of each other, a multipurpose hall for a total of 50 beds ideal for families, groups of friends and organized groups.

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