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Villa Verdi a Sant'Agata

In Roncole Verdi, a little village near Busseto City, Giuseppe Verdi was born 1813 and between Roncole and Busseto he lived his childhood and adolescence. 
Later in his mature years, famous and sought after in the best salons of the time, he wanted in the same places, a few kilometers from Busseto and his native Roncole Verdi, to build his home. His little "kingdom," where he found inspiration for his compositions, where he could cultivate his passion for the land and manual labor, where he could withdraw from the world without, however, losing contact with it.
Villa Verdi is the Maestro's most intimate and therefore truest dimension, because Verdi not only lived in his house, but designed it and adapted it to his sensibilities just as he would have done with one of his famous operas.
The house immersed in a park of more than six hectares, also desired and designed by the Maestro, is still home to the family of the descendants of Maria Filomena, his heir, who in absolute respect for Verdi's wishes keep it unchanged in both exterior and content.  
The testimony of Verdi's love for the park comes from the written correspondence of his wife Giuseppina Strepponi, dated 14 June 1867 with the Countess Maffei.

From Sunday, Oct. 30, Villa Verdi in Sant'Agata will no longer be open to the public.

Last update 01/06/2021