Virtual Exposition "Anthropocene. Sensitive paths"


Virtual Exposition "Anthropocene. Sensitive paths"

The "Anthropocene.Sensitive paths" should have been in the Geological Museum of Castell'Arquato, but due to the emergency was transformed into a digital exhibition.

“Anthropocene. Sensitive paths” is an exhibition-project by Ugo Locatelli: it is an opportunity for reflect on the present and future of our planet, on our lifestyles, on the close connection between environmental and human health - through a series of images, maps, objects, and texts.

The value of this exhibition lies mainly in its multidisciplinary approach, which brings together sciences, philosophy, art. Reflections even more important in the period that we are facing and that requires a serious reflection on our relations with nature and with what surrounds us. Also to rediscover the authentic values of solidarity and closeness that should always be the basis of human coexistence.

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