Statue en plein air: Emilia is an art gallery


Statue en plein air: Emilia is an art gallery

From the horses of Piacenza to the talking monuments of Parma, up to Don Camillo and Peppone in Brescello (RE), the sculptures under the sky of Visit Emilia.

As if not enough nature, castles, theaters and the art of cooking, to identify Visit Emilia as an authentic open-air museum also participate statues and sculptures of various kinds, placed in sumptuous public spaces and in unsuspected places, united by the absence of walls and by intangible but imposing ceiling that is the sky.
Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia create an eclectic display of creativity and ingenuity that can be serenely admired in these uncertain times for exhibitions and museums.
If seeing them for the first time is a unique experience, even those who are used to their presence can take the opportunity to discover new details or find them in a new context.

Find out more about the statues and sculptures en plein air of Emilia by clicking on the following link: An open-air museum: the sculptures of Emilia

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