PDO Vineyards in Emilia


PDO Vineyards in Emilia

A trip through the vineyards among the Emilian hills showcasing the unique features of a corner of land within the Food Valley area where, starting from a bottle of wine and a glass, everything speaks of the place of production, its spirit and striving for excellence.


The relatively small portion of land, yet full of inspiration regarding food and wine such as that provided by the Emilian hills, is home to a countless number of wineries tirelessly putting their effort into cultivating their vinewayds, which stand out for their distinctive organoleptic and historic features; all the wineries are bound together by a strong tradition and its storytelling which have resulted in excellent products marked with the PDO quality label.

Below, Visit Emilia leads you to the discovery of some of the most renowned vineyards within the territory of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emiliahttps://www.visitemilia.com/en/itineraries/dop-wines-emilia/

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