The green heart of Emilia


The green heart of Emilia

Three natural itineraries between rivers, woods, rocks and fortresses to breathe the air of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia.

Tongues of water that reflect the flow of history and cut composite and varied landscapes, where man has rivaled - or rather, cooperated - with nature, fortified testimonies that still exist today of a past of glorious coexistence: these and others are the suggestions of parks, reserves and paths of the green scrub between Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia.
Living these green areas is a strong stimulus for the senses, enhances creative thinking, what helps us solve problems and the influence of tranquility. The reference to the natural dimension is always latent in us. The Japanese consider it a therapy, shinrin-yoku, or a bath in the forest. To practice it you don't need to go who knows where.
Here are 3 enchanting places to try the wonderful benefits of contact with nature.

Ghirardi Nature Reserve (Parma)
Of the 600 hectares of the WWF Oasis of the same name, the Ghirardi Nature Reserve occupied 370 of them: enough space to show off a sample of woods, clearings and waterways that makes this area of the province of Parma, among the municipalities of Albareto and Borgo Val di Taro, a triumph of ecological diversity. Oaks, chestnuts and beeches alternate with flowery meadows, from which to contemplate the flight of birds of prey and observe with open mouth the courses of fallow deer and roe deer. The flora and habitat of the northern Apennines are the heart of the Nature Route that starts from the Visitor Center of Predelle but also other badlands routes, between downy oaks and rowans, Turkey oaks, willows and wild limes, with a liquid soundtrack kindly used by the stream Remolà.
All the Ghirardi Oasis are also possible guided activities with horses, from walks to excursions for the more experienced. Possibility also of simple emotional walks alongside the horse, experiences with ponies for children.
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Trebbia River Park (Piacenza)
With its unceasing flow, water still marks the time in the Trebbia River Regional Park, extended from Rivergaro to the confluence in the Po and coming to include about 5 km of the Piacenza shore of the Great River. The riverbed and the terraces are places loved by bird watchers, to whom the eye that the Park has chosen as a symbol does not escape. However, the extremely rare bird is only one of the wonders that can be observed in an area colored by the bloom of orchids. Here the castle of Rivalta, in particular, still animated by the ancient spirit of conquest, seems to want to appropriate the course of water whose movement it monitors. From the fortress, some of the paths are launched that allow you to touch the flood plain closely, walking along country roads or immersing yourself in a wild environment.

Campotrera nature reserve (Reggio Emilia)
The Rupe di Campotrera nature reserve protects an imposing and high ophiolitic outcrop that emerges on the northern side of the Rio Cerezzola, a tributary of the Enza, near the Rossena castle and not far from the remains of the famous Canossa castle, built on cliffs of a similar nature in Matildic times, as well as the nearby Rossenella tower. A gentle walk between the Rossenella tower, the Rossena castle allows you to observe the rock and wild aspect, the rare minerals, the typical plants of the rock environments and the interesting birdlife that finds refuge on the walls of the relief are the elements of greatest attraction of the protected area. The castles of the most important woman of her time become the starting point for discovering harsh and enchanting natural landscapes, between lunar horizons of badlands and forest frescoes that frame mule tracks, villages and fascinating fortresses set in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.