On the set of Emilia's ciak ...in Piacenza


On the set of Emilia's ciak ...in Piacenza

A cinematographic itinerary in the province of Piacenza

"Belle al Bar" by Alessandro Benvenuti is a tour among the locals, the Duomo and the Piacenza station; it returns a cross-section of provincial cities in which Piacenza can well recognize itself, or even see itself improved, for example deceiving the possibility for the inhabitants to live longer along the Po.

But the real cult place for this area of the Emilia Tourist Destination is Bobbio (PC), where, in 1965, Marco Bellocchio filmed his debut, "I Pugni in Tasca", winner of the Nastro d'Argento award for the best subject.
Entirely set in the village where the director's family spent their summer holidays, the film takes place mainly in the mother's country house, while for some exteriors, have been chosen the curves of the state road 45 that follows the course of the Trebbia river, natural landscapes of a rare beauty.
Like the suggestive Gobbo Bridge, the Castelletto cliff is the site of the dramatic apex of the film, which also moves into the bell tower of the Cathedral of Bobbio.

In 1980, Marco Bellocchio pays homage to his land and his childhood memories in "Vacanze in Val Trebbia", a autobiographic documentary film, entirely produced in Bobbio.

Also the film "Sorelle mai" (2010) by Bellocchio, who won the Leone d'Oro career award, takes place in Bobbio, where often we can recognize the banks of the river Trebbia to host the events of its protagonists Giorgio Bellocchio, Alba Rohrwacher e Donatella Finocchiaro.

The village of Piacenza has been home to Fare Cinema, a highly specialized course in film directing that the Foundation chaired by Marco Bellocchio strongly wanted in these places so kind to him, reused by the director for the 2015 film, "Sangue del mio sangue".

Moving on, in 1985 in Castell'Arquato, in the "Rocca Viscontea", in the "Collegiata" and in the places surrounding Bacedasco's countryside, Richard Donner directed part of his "Ladyhawke".
The three main characters played by Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer enact the moving love story between the beautiful Isabelle and the noble Navarre, doomed to be always together, but eternally separated by the curse that the evil bishop has cast upon them.

Still in the province of Piacenza, the cinetour continues towards Cortemaggiore, where Francesco Rosi filmed - with regard to the reality of the facts - some scenes from "Il Caso Mattei", and the Mignano Dam in Val D'Arda, which offered the theater for the epic final of "I Lupi attaccano in branco", with Sylva Koscina and Rock Hudson.

The luxurious party hall in the "Anguissola" Palace in the "Rocca Cimafava" near Piacenza, makes one experience some evocative déjà vus: in front of the frescos that celebrates Alessandro Magno's glory, Marco Bellocchio shot some scenes of the movie "Addio del passato" displayed at the 2002 edition of the Venice Film Festival, which besides was co-produced by the Municipal Theatre.
The noble dwelling was also chosen as a film setting for "Avalanche Express" (1978) with Lee Marvin and Linda Evans.

Lastly, in 2012, in the area of Piacenza was shot "La finestra di Alice", directed by Carlo Sarti and interterpreted by Sergio Muniz, Debora Caprioglio and Fabrizio Bucci.

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