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The Fattoria di Parma organises visits to the production of Culatello, Strolghino di culatello, Salame...

Tuesday to Saturday at 11 a.m.

VISITS TO THE FARM Taste education course

The tour of the farm is accompanied by the production manager and lasts approximately two hours (visit and tasting):

  1. At the heart of the company - visit to the production of cured meats;
  2. Lesson on cured meats;
  3. Tasting of three ages of Parmigiano Reggiano in the farm shop with aperitif;
  4. Educational workshop: Competition of 3 Culatelli with vertical maturing with sensory-tasting evaluation;
  5. Tasting of the farm's products (the tasting replaces lunch);
  6. Possibility of purchasing in the farm shop.

Prices in force 2023:

  • 80 € per person (no. 2 participants)
  • 60 € per person (3/7 participants)
  • 45 € per person (from 8 participants)
  • for schools are 24 € per person

If you wish to add workshops to the basic visit:

- Feline salami workshop 150 € per person (with production of feline salami. At work bagging or tying the salami at the end of the maturing process the salami produced will be available for the customer. Maximum 12 participants)
- Culatello workshop 200 € per visit.
- Cheese mould opening 40 € per visit.

The cost of these workshops is in addition to the basic visit.

We also organise tailor-made visits for travellers with little time or a smaller budget:

  • Visit to the charcuterie maturing process (not the production but the maturing process) with explanation of the production of Prosciutto del Culatello and Culatta snack with culatello sandwich + tasting of strolghino and pepper guanciale + glass of Lambrusco: 14.00 € per person.

For more information:,, Tel. 0521.825137

Last update 17/08/2023