Visit a DOC wine cellar in Piacenza hills

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Enjoy a journey into the winemaking tradition in the gentle hills of Piacenza.

Whether you are a passionate wine tourist or a curious lover of good and sweet food, you will be fascinated by accompanying a bunch of grapes from its birth in the middle of the vineyards to its bottling in the cellar.

Walking through the vineyards, which mainly produce Barbera, Bonarda (Croatina), Cabernet, Chardonnay, Malvasia and Ortrugo grapes, you will arrive to the winemaking cellars where, following methods of millenary traditions, thanks to the most modern technologies, the grapes are transformed in wine and then moved to cells with thick stone walls and rested there for the entire time of refinement.

Inside the bottling room, you will discover the different techniques for storing wine in the bottle.

Before going home, let the producer guide you to the tasting of these special nectars, perhaps accompanied by tastings of typical local products such as Piacenza DOP cured meats.

Last update 19/07/2021