Guided tours of Montecoppe dairy

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Visiting Montecoppe you will discover a unique cheese factory, where ancient and modern blend with the nature of the surrounding Boschi di Carrega Park creating incredible landscapes.

During the complete visit to Caseificio Montecoppe you will be able to experience the magical experience of transforming milk into Parmigiano Reggiano, from the farm to the maturing. You will walk through our stables, immersed in the Boschi di Carrega Regional Park, where you will meet our 700 Friesian and Brown cows, and then continue to a unique location where tradition, history and architecture blend perfectly, the Dairy designed by world famous architect Guido Canali. 
An elevated walkway will take you through all the rooms of the production of the most famous cheese in the world. You will start from the boiler room and walking through the windows you will observe the rest room of the wheels and the brine, to end up in the wheels warehouse where you will be inebriated by an intense and unique scent. 
Nothing ends without a taste of the product and you will then be taken to our tasting room, inside a historic neo-Gothic building, whose past housed old salting tanks. Here you can taste 3 ages of Parmigiano Reggiano, paired with mustards, jams and local wines.

Guided tours are available from Tuesday to Friday at 9 a.m.

For information and bookings visit the dedicated page.

Last update 22/05/2023