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When the places to discover seem to be too many but all absolutely unmissable, a bicycle itinerary allows us to reach and visit them comfortably and with fun!

Starting from the historic center of the main cities in Emilia, it is possible to travel along the streets and villages that hide the artistic-cultural treasures and to deep into the enchanting landscapes far from the crowded centers.

Excursions through the gentle hills and the verdant valleys lead cyclists into a journey through the magnificence of medieval fortresses and castles, typical food and wine production areas and breathtaking natural landscapes. Here it will be surprising to discover the authentic territories surrounding the urban centers, from the "Bassa" and the river bank of the great Po, to the slopes of the Emilian Apennines.

The excursions are carried out in total safety and with different intensities to be suitable for all. It is also possible to use e-bikes or pedal assisted bicycles.

Discover also all the Cycle Paths of the Parks, four different itineraries designed for all cycling enthusiasts within the Natural Parks of Emilia.

Last update 23/07/2021