Walking among antiques

26/03/2019 - 31/12/2020

Walking among antiques

Among Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, the thousands of opportunities of “Destinazione Turistica Emilia” for the fans of vintage, antiques and modern antiques.

It will be a kind of reaction to the imposition of low-cost furniture that is likely to homologate the interior of houses and flats but the mania for the quest of the exclusive and historical object, which escaped the worry of the space in the basement, seems to be definitely exploded.
The result is that every weekend becomes the occasion to go to the discovery of markets which – especially on Saturday and on Sunday – give a new identity to the squares and streets of Destinazione Turistica Emilia, by offering the fans of vintage, antiques and modern antiques, the possibility to know better – or discover for the first time – original corners of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia and the villages of the province that suddenly come to life, under the lights of a past which continues to shine.


-Mercanteinfiera, Fiere di Parma
from 2 to 20 March and from 5 to 13 October 2019
The passion for the antiques and modern antiques has grown out of all proportion, conquering the dimensions of a real fair, capable of gathering more than a thousand of exhibitors from every European antique square.
It is addressed to collectors, designers, photography experts, architects and curious at the quest of exclusive and amazing pieces, saved from the oblivion and put back into the circulation.
The appointment hosted by Fiere di Parma is nowadays considered one of the major events of the sector and it assembles a multi-faceted scenario, fantastic in its way, resulted from the juxtaposition of different styles in one of the capitals of the Food Valley.

-Artesauro, Via Nazario Sauro
One Saturday every month
The temptation for the antique and for the modern is set in the city centre: it is animated by a vintage spirit, the road takes the shape of a small village dominated by antiques that propose to the customers, clothes and various objects.

-“Mercatino dell’antiquariato” at Fontanellato
Every third Sunday of the month from 7.30 to 18.30
Free entry, 6000 square metres of square, roads and porches. It exposes important historical and artistic items with specific exhibition stands around the Rocca Sanvitale and along the porches.

For info: Destinazione Turistica Emilia - Iat di Parma.
Tel. 0521 218889. E-mail: turismo@comune.parma.it



-"Mercatino Viaromantiquaria", between Via Roma and Piazza Scapinelli
Every second Sunday of the month, except for January, July and August.
With a overwhelming and varied collections of items of art and antiques, old or used objects, numismatics and philately, collecting, old prints and paintings and similar.

-"Mercatino dell'Antiquariato" at Gualtieri, Piazza Bentivoglio
Every second Sunday of the month
To the fans of reuse and of great occasion, the market collects a hundred of exhibitors and a growing number of customers, animated by the desire of buying authentic pieces of history, from furniture to toys, down to tools and posters.

-"Mercatino dell’Antiquariato" at Guastalla, near the Statue of Ferrante Gonzaga, Saint Peter Cathedral and the city hall.
Every third Sunday of the month – except fot January and August
It is an exhibition full of prints and old books, paintings and engravings, manifests, postcards, postmarks, magazines, comics, banknotes and rare coins.

For info: Destinazione Turistica Emilia - Iat di Reggio Emilia.
Tel. 0522 451152. E-mail: iat@municipio.re.it



-“il Mercato del tempo che fu”, Piazzetta Plebiscito and in the streets “Sopramuro”, San Donnino and Savini
Every second Saturday of the month
Stands and stalls of creative items and artifacts compete the one that is, 20 km southernmost, towards Parma, probably one of the obliged destination for who is in search of the new in the old.

-“La Mostra Mercato dell’Antiquariato e delle Cose d’altri tempi”, Cortemaggiore
Every first Sunday of the month
It is a cult event that brings in the streets and squares of Cortemaggiore, over 200 exhibitors from every part of Italy. Except for January, in summer such as in winter, the rich variety of vintage items, antiques and modern antiques, contributes since 1988 to make the visit to the small Renaissance village a necessity.

For info: Destinazione Turistica Emilia – Iat di Piacenza.
Tel. 0523 492001. E-mail: iat@comune.piacenza.it