Exhibitions bloom in Emilia

11/06/2019 - 19/01/2020

Exhibitions bloom in Emilia

From Jannis Kounellis' violin to the images of the Boom, Destinazione Turistica Emilia in the flower of art among Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia.

Spring awakens the senses and the desire to make new discoveries, also in the artistic and cultural field. And if Emilia Tourist Destination were a large green lawn, the exhibitions that start in March in the area between Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia would be very fragrant flowers to be picked, to let yourself be inebriate by a scent that extends until the first weeks of summer. 

From 16th March to 30th June 2019
"De Chirico and Savinio. A modern mythology"
Magnani Rocca Foundation - Mamiano di Traversetolo (Pr)
Exhibition dedicated to Giorgio de Chirico and Alberto Savinio, so-called “Dioscuri” of the Art of the twentieth century.
The exhibition hosts over one hundred and thirty works among famous paintings and surprising graphic works, lined in an exhibition site that, starting from the beginning of the metaphysical adventure, focuses on a modern rethinking of mythology and, in the end, displays the plentiful production for the theater, documented also by precious costumes for the grand-opera.

Info: IAT-R Piazza Garibaldi, 1 - Parma
Tel: +39 0521218889 
Email: turismo@comune.parma.it
Web: www.turismo.comune.parma.it

6 April - 14 July 2019
"Antonio Fontanesi and his legacy. From Pellizza da Volpedo to Burri” 
Museum building of Reggio Emilia
A major exhibition that the city, 200 years after its birth, dedicates to Antonio Fontanesi and to those who let him inspire and influence.
An invitation to the rediscovery of a protagonist of Italian and European nineteenth century painting, which had to wait to die to be recognized in all its importance.
In the exhibition, which also documents the relations with symbolist and divisionist culture and the revaluation of the 1920s by artists such as Carlo Carrà, Antonio Fontanesi's paintings will be compared with works that critics have linked to his production, identifying possible connections in a chronological arc from the 1880s to the 1960s. 
The last section will be devoted to the critical interpretations of the 1950s by Roberto Longhi and later by Francesco Arcangeli.
Ticket: full price 8 euro, reduced price and groups of at last 15 persone 5 euro. 
Opening: Tuesday to Friday, since 10:00 to 13:00. 
Saturday, Sunday and holidays since 10:00 to 19:00, with special opening during the Easter period.
For info: Palazzo dei Musei
Tel: 0522 456477-456805
Email: musei@municipio.re.it
Web: www.musei.re.it

6 April - 30 July 2019
“La Maniera Emiliana. Bertoja, Mirola, from Parma to the European courts”
Labyrinth della Masone by Franco Maria Ricci in Fontanellato (PR)
Two great maestros of the 16th century in the Emilia region, Jacopo Zanguidi, alias Bertoja and Girolamo Mirola, are the stars of an exhibition at the Labyrinth of the Masone that will open on Saturday  6 April. Two amazing and mysterious artists  who contributed, with Correggio and Parmigianino, their famous predecessors, to make the 16th century in the Parma area one of the most refined and significant period of art of all times. The exhibition will have on display together about 70 pieces, almost the complete work of the two artists. 
Ticket: the access is included with the ticket entrance – 18 euro daily ticket - that also allow the entrance to the bamboo labirint and to the permanent collection.
Aperture: every days (not tuesday) from 10:30 until 19:00 (last entrance at 18:00).
Ticket office at the "Labirinto della Masone"
For info: Labirinto della Masone
Tel: +39 0521827081 
Email: labirinto@francomariaricci.com
Web: www.labirintodifrancomariaricci.it

18 maggio - 12 agosto 2019
“La fortuna della Scapiliata di Leonardo da Vinci”
National Gallery of the "Complesso della Pilotta" - Parma
It will be open to the public “La fortuna della Scapiliata di Leonardo da Vinci”, the exceptional exhibition that gathers around 4 masterpieces by Leonardo, works of the highest level of artists such as Gherardo Starnina, Bernardino Luini, Hans Holbein, Tintoretto e Giovanni Lanfranco. The tablet that offers the inspiration for the exhibition, represents, as pointed out by the curators Pietro Marani and Simone Verde, an experiment in the art of the master, which captures with extreme simplicity the essence of femininity, strength and freedom. Of the four sections of the route, the first follows the inaugural passages of a Renaissance pictorial research that will find its maximum expression in Leonardo, while the second, with original paintings and drawings by Leonardo himself or Florentine area,  including the famous "Leda degli Uffizi", deepens the theme of the wild hair.It continues with ancient derivations of the Leonardo theme, with works by Giovanni Agostino da Lodi and Bernardino Luini - author of the Salomé, with a servant who receives the head of Saint John the Baptist from the hangman, to then find a fresco on the figure of the painter and sculptor Gaetano Callani, who hosted the Scapiliata in his collection.
Tickets: full price 10 euros, reduced 2 euros from 18 to 25 years, free for children under 18 years. Openings: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00. Sunday, 13:00 to 19:00 Closed on Mondays, December 25th and January 1st.
For info: Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta di Parma
Tel: 0521 233309
Web: pilotta.beniculturali.it

19 October 2019 - 19 January 2020
“Giovanni Battista Venturi and Leonardo. Testimony of the Panizzi Library in the 5th centenary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1519-2019)
Biblioteca Panizzi - Reggio Emilia
In the year of the Vincentian celebrations, the Panizzi Library dedicates to the illustrious fellow citizen Giovanni Battista Venturi and to his relationship with the work of genius, the exhibition "Giovanni Battista Venturi e Leonardo". Testimony of the Panizzi Library in the 5th centenary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1519-2019) ". Giovanni Battista Venturi was the first to study in Paris, in 1797, Leonardo's manuscripts requisitioned by the French in Milan.The exhibition is divided into six sections which, through a reasoned journey through manuscripts, correspondence, ancient and modern books, engravings and other iconographic material, propose to offer the visitor a biographical and intellectual profile of Venturi, in particular as a scholar of Leonardo, but also to illustrate the legacy and image of Leonardo himself with handwritten testimonies, printed editions and facsimiles of the artworks, engravings with portraits of the artist, episodes of life, reproductions of drawings and paintings, fake attributions and school works. The experience is completed by an "ideal library" with the authors and works that contributed to determining Leonardo's formation, together with an excursus on his critical fortune in the works and testimonies of Italian and Emilian scholars between the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuriess. Finally, collateral initiatives are planned, and will be communicated in the months and weeks before the inauguration. 
For info: Biblioteca Panizzi - Comune di Reggio Emilia
Tel: 0522 456084
Mail: panizzi@comune.re.it
Web: panizzi.comune.re.it