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10/07/2019 - 30/09/2019

Food & Wine

A year of food and wine events and festivals in the Italian Food Valley

Let you drive by perfumes to start the travel among the Food Valley flavors.

20-21 July 2019
Vigoleno celebrates with the anolino
Vigloleno (Pc)
In the beutifull landscape of the "Borgo di Vigoleno" the medieval walls keep the secretes of the "Party with the Anolino". Food stands with tipical dishes of Piacenza and live music show, a real jump in the past, where admire the narrow alleys, the houses with golden stones, the suggestive Roman church and the ancient fountain, guardian of the country's history.
For info: Pro Loco di Vigoleno
Tel. 329 7503774

Three days dedicated to Reggio Emilia watermelon
with music, games, street artists and, as always, yummy watermelons
In Novellara everything is ready for the fifteenth edition of Miss Watermelon, a party created to enhance the work of farmers who, with dedication and skill, grow delicious fruits every year; so good to get the first PGI certification in 2017 for an exclusive vegetable product of the province of Reggio Emilia, and the first ever PGI certification in Europe dedicated to this fruit.
After the positive experience of last year, it was impossible not to repeat the union of two events such as Miss Watermelon and the Rootsway Festival, now historic appointments of the Novellara summer. In both cases the common thread are the "roots", because at the base of everything there is the desire to be together, socializing at the table while enjoying dishes. Those of our traditions (almost always peasant) or those of overseas, a territory - that "deep South American" tied together with our "Terre di Po". And then return "Miss Watermelon Blues", the new version of these two historic events that, joining together, want to reinforce the message launched for so many years by the respective public that will converge here into one big party.
In the dates of the festival we will have, as always, a rich program of musicians representing the best national blues and roots music that will perform on the main stage and in the piazza of Novellara, as typical for the artists of this musical genre who do not like barriers and they want to get in touch with their public.
On stage, the “Treves Blues Band” will perform on Friday 26 July. "70 in blues" is the new tour with which the historic Milanese band will be protagonist on stages all over Italy to celebrate its leader, Fabio Treves, who in 2019 celebrates his 70 years of a life dedicated to the Blues. The adventure of the Treves Blues Band was born in 1974 when a young harmonica player from Lambrate decided to start with an "impossible mission": to spread the values of the Blues, its history and its great performers.
On 7 December 2014, Fabio Treves was awarded the Golden Ambrogino, an important honor of the Municipality of Milan and his photo was inserted by the magazine "Rolling Stones" in the February 2015 issue entitled "The 100 faces of Italian music" . Also on Friday 26th July “Gospel Book Revisited” will perform on the Novellarese stage: one of the most beautiful musical revelations of the last Italian musical period which, as shown by the name, musically express the passions of the four members who, starting from black music and its origins , explore the modern music.
Saturday, July 27th, after an exciting musical workshop for children and teenagers, ample space will given to the Miss, with the parade of watermelon carts, the context of the sugar degree and the flavor, presented by Mr Pietro Casarini, together with the notes of the “Best Before War”: a young band from Modena born as a study project with a great passion for that traditional US music that has its roots in the Mississippi Delta, on the Appalachian Mountains, passing through New Orleans.
The final evening with the big contest for the heaviest watermelon will see, as last thew last year, the presence of the TRC cameras that will send live the evening presented by Andrea Barbi, great master of ceremonies of the most important events in the area. Accompanying the aspiring queens, will be the musicians of the Band of the drums.
Miss watermelon blues will offer many side events: street artists, markets, fruit and vegetable engravers, revival of ancient crafts, tractors, laboratories and shows for children, the Pro Loco restaurant with quality products and of course the watermelon field, with the tasty Novellara watermelons.
For info: Pro loco Città di Novellara
Tel +39 0522 651 378

26-28 luglio 2019
"The Slowcity Festival"
Felina - Castelnovo Monti (Re)
An event dedicated to biodiversity and sustainability, with educational workshops, conferences, moments of exchange between local agricultural productions and other slow Italian cities.After the success of the past few years, also this year the "street kitchens" formula will be re-proposed with tasty sweet and savory gluten free proposals at the stand of the AIC volunteers, in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Felina.
For info: Comune di Castelnovo Monti
Tel: 0522 610249

26-31 July 2019
Tortello De.Co. Party
Vigolzone (Pc)
For over 30 years Vigolzone has been celebrating the tortello with the tail with a dedicated festival. The skilled hands of the housewives of the town knead the fresh egg pasta and prepare a filling of ricotta, spinach and parmesan and then rigorously weave the delicious "turtei cu la cua" by hand, which you can enjoy during the Tortello Festival.Record numbers! in addition to 4000 seats, 10 quintals of tortelli and a steel dance hall of 380 square meters. Playground with free rides, ample parking and six evenings of pure fun with leading orchestras.
Tiket: full price euro 3,50 – free entrance under 16 years (the money will be returned, if you leave before the musical show)
For info: Pro Loco Vigolzone
Cell: 335 5838262 (President of the Pro Loco Vigolzone Ronda) / 339 5044099 (vice President of the Pro Loco Vigolzone Poggioli)

30 August - 2 September 2019
"Coppa Piacentina DOP” Festival
Carpaneto Piacentino (Pc)
Scheduled in Carpaneto Piacentino the 63rd edition of the “Coppa Piacentina Dop” Festival,
an event dedicated to the celebration of one of the three DOP cold cuts of the Piacenza area.
Four days of celebration in the name of entertainment, culture and gastronomy, with sporting
events, dances, floklores, food stands, tastings of the delicious salami in combination with
the fine wines D.O.C. of the Piacenza hills, exhibitions, fun fair and much more.
For info: Pro Loco di Carpaneto
Tel: 0523 852502