Emilia Slow

11/06/2019 - 30/09/2019

Emilia Slow

Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia: events, tales and journeys between natural taste and culture for a slow tourism at Destinazione Turistica Emilia. 

From April to December 2019
Where: Corso Garibaldi, 44 - Reggio Emilia
Guided tours on the occasion of the Celebrations of the Four Hundred years from the transfer of the miraculous image of Ghiara Virgin Mary.
For info:
Phone: 0522 451152
Web: https://turismo.comune.re.it/it
Social: @IatReggioEmilia

For three days, from 14 to 16 June 2019, the Reggia Ducale of Colorno, in Parma, opens its yards, its halls, its garden and the adjacent buildings of the “Aranciaia” and of San Liborio Church to what is presented as an invitation to get back the lost meaning of time.
The quality and the welfare of human relationships are the centre of a free entry festival characterised by the mutual contamination, where none barrier separates the audience from the meetings, workshops and shows for children and adults.
The fifth edition of the Slow festival, organised in the small Versailles of Emilia, valorises the art of fixing things as a silent revolutionary act which reuses what is broken, symbol of a community that raises off the ground rust and scars to give them a new life.
For info: Festival della Lentezza
Phone. 338 4309269
E-mail: festivalentezza@gmail.com

Sunday June 16th in Ciano d'Enza (RE) - Piazza Matilde di Canossa
The event will consist of a whole evening, until late at night, of meeting with sculptors from the almost thirty-year-old "School of Sculpture" of Canossa and other schools in both the province of Reggio Emilia and the neighbouring provinces.
From the afternoon they will perform to sculpt around 30 sculptors (both teachers and students) who will also show some of their works in self-managed positions.
The public will have the opportunity to see the work and talk with the sculptors while working stone, marble or while modelling the clay.
Moreover, in the afternoon there will be a workshop for children with the creation of small clay sculptures that the children can then take home.
Some terracotta sculptures will also be up for grabs.
There will also be live music and street food stands. Free entry.
For info:
Phone: 320 9412177
Email: carlo.veronesi@email.it
Web: www.canossastone.org
Social: FB Canossa Stone

Boretto, Brescello and Gualtieri, villages in the territory of Reggio Emilia on the River Po, look at the slow course of the water, of people, of vessels and of history.
This area is famous to have hosted films of characters of Guareschi of “Don Camillo and Peppone”, which boasts one the most equipped harbour for boating and fluvial navigation.
Territory of artists as Antonio Ligabue and Cesare Zavattini; of nature with poplar plantations, floodplains, fluvial islands, sand and crops.
The charm of the history and of the typical “Padano” territory becomes an unforgettable experience aboard the Motor Vessel Stradivari and the Motor Vessel Padus, from Boretto harbour.
Every Sundays, from April to September, you can also participate to mini-cruises with dinners looking at the sunset over the river, tasting traditional dishes.
Bicycles are available upon request to travel over 70 Km of runways along the channels of drainage and the banks of Po, in an exceptional naturalistic scenario.
You can also visit the three museums dedicated to water in Boretto: Museum of Po and of the navigation, multimedia Museum of the drainages and the House of the workers on the bridges.

For Street Food lovers, Felina Slow is the perfect event, which is held the last weekend of July.
With a schedule and a date still to be defined, the traditional festival organised on the “Appennino Reggiano” at Felina di Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE) proposes a formula which over the years has known to valorise – with tasting and trade show – the local culinary excellences: from “polenta stiada” to “erbazzone”, from fried gnocco to cold cuts, to taste in the restaurants of the festival, “L’Osteria” and “L’Altra Osteria” and in the street food (also for intolerant to gluten).
The event will be accompanied by music, as always.
For children: products, food, music and entertainment in the “Piazzetta dei Bambini”, with animations, board games, readings, meetings and workshops.
Furthermore, artistic handicraft, exhibitions and workshops for the three days festival of good living.
For info: Destinazione Turistica Emilia - Iat di Reggio Emilia
Phone. 0522 451152
E-mail: iat@municipio.re.it

In Piacenza, the scenario of the River Po is at the centre of a festival which wants to rediscover the value of the landscape, of the culture and of the tourism of the Great River”.
The seventh edition of “Il Po Ricorda” (River Po remembers) – in June, July and September with dates still to be defined – will see a series of appointments dislocated in several locations to link the riverbank to the most significant places of the city and rebuilt the relationship between Piacenza and its river.
The events will be the occasion to discover slowly the fluvial landscape and participate to concerts, exhibitions, readings and lectures, or bike ridings, fluvial sailing, performances and workshops, culinary stands.
For informations: www.artiepensieri.com
For info: Destinazione Turistica Emilia - Iat di Piacenza
Phone. 0523 492001
E-mail: iat@comune.piacenza.it