Emilia Slow

22/07/2019 - 31/12/2020

Emilia Slow

Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia: events, tales and journeys between natural taste and culture for a slow tourism at Destinazione Turistica Emilia. 

From April to September 2019
Boretto, Brescello and Gualtieri (Reggio Emilia)
Villages in the territory of Reggio Emilia on the River Po, look at the slow course of the water, of people, of vessels and of history.
This area is famous to have hosted films of characters of Guareschi of “Don Camillo and Peppone”, which boasts one the most equipped harbour for boating and fluvial navigation.
Territory of artists as Antonio Ligabue and Cesare Zavattini; of nature with poplar plantations, floodplains, fluvial islands, sand and crops.
The charm of the history and of the typical “Padano” territory becomes an unforgettable experience aboard the Motor Vessel Stradivari and the Motor Vessel Padus, from Boretto harbour.
Every Sundays, from April to September, you can also participate to mini-cruises with dinners looking at the sunset over the river, tasting traditional dishes.
Bicycles are available upon request to travel over 70 Km of runways along the channels of drainage and the banks of Po, in an exceptional naturalistic scenario.
You can also visit the three museums dedicated to water in Boretto: Museum of Po and of the navigation, multimedia Museum of the drainages and the House of the workers on the bridges.

From April to December 2019

Corso Garibaldi, 44 - Reggio Emilia
Guided tours on the occasion of the Celebrations of the Four Hundred years from the transfer of the miraculous image of Ghiara Virgin Mary.
Phone: +39 0522 451152
Mail: iat@municipio.re.it
Web: www.turismo.comune.re.it
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25 August 2019 h. 15:30, 16:45
Archaeological Civic Museum in Travo (Piacenza)
Guided tour of the Roman and High medieval hall of the Civic Archaeological Museum of Travo.
On the same occasion it will be possible to see the archaeological finds of recent acquisition resulting from archaeological research in the area.
They shed fresh light on the history of the Lombards in Val Trebbia presenting new elements.
The tour will also focus on one of the most famous battles of the Roman epic, the battle of the Trebbia. We will relive this episode of the II Punic War where it really happened, enveloped as it is by the charm that this epochal clash and its protagonists have aroused: a battle won by Hannibal, but not lost by the Roman legions, most of whom were able to withdraw within the secure walls of Piacenza.
Tel: +39 320 8749216
Mail: info@archeotravo.com
Web: www.archeotravo.com
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8 September 2019 h. 15:30
Archaelogical Park “Villaggio neolitico” in S.Andrea, Travo (Piacenza)
The "forge through the time", will allow you to discover an aspect of everyday life from the distant past such as craft activities, which will personally involve the visitor in the creation of a small an ancient-like artifact obtained through fusion.
The workshop starts with the creation of a clay mold, while the equipment and processes involved in the pyrotechnology activity reproduce in all and all those developed at the time of the first metal processing.
For children (from 8 years) and adults.
Tel: +39 320 8749216
Mail: info@archeotravo.com
Web: www.archeotravo.com
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14 - 15 Semptember 2019
Once upon a time the Grand Tour existed, the traveler left for months an went to places of Europe still untouched: he crossed virgin landscapes, landed in marvelous cities, in remote villages full of charm, known only by the people who lived there. A trip to Gualtieri is an experience inspired by all this. A small contemporary Grand Tour in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Gualtieri lends itself. Renaissance center of extraordinary artistic and architectural value, still remains a pristine jewel full of beauties to be discovered. And then 2 days in which all the most significant places of Gualtieri will open to the traveler: Palazzo Bentivoglio, the Ligabue Museum, the Umberto Tirelli Collection, the Social Theater of Gualtieri, the churches of the Madonna della Neve and of the Annunziata. But above all the spaces that normally remain closed most of the year. All accompanied by the possibility of having dinner and lunch in the splendid Piazza Bentivoglio, savoring the typical dishes of the territory.
Info: Ufficio Cultura Turismo Comune di Gualtieri
Tel: +39 0522 221869
Mail: p.vergnani@comune.gualtieri.re.it
Web: www.viaggioagualtieri.it
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28, 29, 30 Septmber 2019
Castelnovo ne'Monti (Reggio Emilia)
The most historical event of the municipality, that brings every year thousands of people in the roads of Castelnovo.
The Fair is a large commercial showcase, a characterizing aspect of Castelnovo Monti always, with exhibitors who, in some cases, participate in the fair for generations, maintaining a high quality level. There will be artistic and cultural initiatives, moments of meetings and comparisons.
Info: Ufficio Turismo Comune di Castelnovo ne'Monti
Tel: +39 0522 610274
Mail: promozione@comune.castelnovo-nemonti.re.it

26-27 October 2019
Centro storico di Rolo (Reggio Emilia)
Born to celebrate an ancient traditional fair from our village, this event offers its guests a change to entertain themselves while tasting our traditional cuisine.
Delicious street food, ancient trades stallholders and past crafts demonstrators, art and crafts, exhibitions and parades entertain visitors all around the village centre. The festival is a perfect day-out for families.
Info: Comune di Rolo
Mail: roloinfesta@virgilio.it
Web: www.comune.rolo.re.it