Emilia on Parade

26/03/2019 - 07/09/2019

Emilia on Parade

Challenges to single combats, historical re-enactments and past memories in a medieval and renaissance Destinazione Turistica Emilia, among Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia.

10-11-12 may 2019
San Polo d’Enza (RE)
The Festival was founded in 1990 in Quattro Castella as a cultural exchange between the Contrada della Corte groups, then of Quattro Castella, and the Loeffelstielzchen of the Melanchthon Gymnasium of Bretten Germany. Over the years, the Festival has become a unique event of its kind, bringing performances to an international character, attracting interest to thousands of people. In 2012 Cinquecentesca was born, a gathering of Renaissance groups from Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. In San Polo the date is 1524 when Duke Alfonso d'Este proclaims the first commercial market. A large historical market characterizes the historic center of the country, the camps of the garrisons of armed troops in the gardens of the Rocca and in the squares, and the Arena in the heart of San Polo presents national and international performances. Special guest 2019 "Notre Dame de Paris", then concerts, flag-wavers, fire-eaters, jugglers and much more.
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31 May - 1 - 2 June 2019
San Secondo Parmense (Pr)
It is a parade of musicians and flag wavers which – with the presentation of the Captains of “Bureg di Minén, Castell’Aicardi, Dragonda, Grillo, Prevostura, Trinità” – creates the climate for the 30th edition of “Palio delle Contrade” of San Secondo Parmense (PR), which re-enacts the celebrations for the marriage between Marquis Pier Maria III de’ Rossi and Camilla Gonzaga in 1523. Between 31 May and 2 June 2019, after the revelation of the “Drape”, the village goes down into a past atmosphere: in the square of the Rocca, the Market offers a panorama on arts and trades, while the performances of jokers animate the streets of the village, pervaded by the perfumes of the renaissance dinners.On the “Sagrato della Collegiata”, the Court of the Conti Rossi and the Lords of the “Contrade” donate the “Cero Votivo” (Holy Candle) and receive the benediction from the Prevost. Bianca Riario with her sons and daughters, Pietro Aretino and the Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici welcome the couple arrived from Mantua with Giovanni of the “Bande Nere”, starting the countdown for the main event of the real fight, famous for the shortened dimension of the rings and therefore, for the extreme difficulty of the Quintana.The six knights descend in the Arena of the Stadium, trying to catch the largest number of rings: the “Pallio di Sancti Secundi” is awarded to the “Contrada” of the knight who has done the best score.Workshops for children, costume performances and occasions for discovering traditions and tastes of the Renaissance period.
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2 - 3 - 4 June 2019
Torrechiara - Comune di Langhirano (Pr)
The main date for the “Disfida Arco e Spada” (Challenge Bow and Sword) of the Medieval Festival of Torrechiara at Langhirano (PR) is 2 June 2019. Three days full of sounds, perfumes and colours directly from that age which had been wrongly considered for a long time a dark age. The extreme attention to details is one of the main points of the re-enactment, which reconstruct an entire settlement along the “Rio delle Favole” and proposes an experience among markets, games with fire and exposition of hawks, in the attempt to re-propose the real village life, with several activities for children and adults.Inside the walls of the 5th century manor, everyday scenes and ancient folklore representations create the conditions for a journey back in history, with moments of training while waiting for the final tournament.
Assapor@ppennino Agenzia per il Turismo di Comunità
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26 May 2019 - From 10:00 to 18:00
Grazzano Visconti - Comune di Vigolzone (Pc)
In the last weekend of May of a year at the end of the 4th century, the village of Grazzano Visconti (PC) is decorated at the behest of Giovanni Anguissola, who is waiting the visit of Valentina, beautiful Lady of Asti, on her way to France to meet her future husband, the duke of Orléans.
26 May 2019: the event still creates the occasion for the 43th Historical Parade of nobles of Piacenza from all over the county. Merchants, mountebanks, storytellers and musicians invade the streets of the village decorated in spring colours to accompany the special guest to “Cortevecchia”, location of the “Torneo d’ Armi” which opposes Christian knights and Normans and Saracen knights, descended from the North and moved secretly by conquest aims over Italy. The Quintana of the horse tournament will designate a single winner who will have the honour of escorting the Lady of Asti on her way beyond the Alps.Military settlements, hawks show, challenges and battles, re-production of medieval life with art workshops and ancient crafts for children, culinary stands and themed menu. There will be also the market with handicrafts, spices, tastes and flavourings of ancient times to create a joyful and archaic atmosphere, threatened by belligerent ambitions of invaders and haunted by the new of a mysterious secret weapon.
Tickets: Full price ticket € 6 - Reduced price ticket € 4 (from 5 to 14 years; over 65 years; groups minimum 10 person) - Free (aged 4 years or younger or children under one metre in height; for those who accompany disable person)
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23 - 24 June 2019
Bobbio (PC)
In the end of June, in the occasion of the “Palio delle Contrade” of Bobbio (PC) the representatives of the ancient boroughs challenge themselves in ability competitions for the conquest of the precious drape.The famous duels in a single fight in the name of honour, prestige and the beloved lady’s favours are nowadays substituted by ability competitions in which the athletes of Bobbio have to defend the supremacy of the “Contrada” to which they belong. The winning “Contrada” will keep the title for one year.Alcarina, Fringuella, Agazza, Legleria and Nova: these are the historical “contrade” which take their names from the medieval city gates, already existing in the 13th century. Each one is characterised by a banner and by the colours which are represented in the athlete clothes.As every year, the event is opened by the historical parade of princes, princesses, captains and athletes from the castle until the streets. During the challenges, a strict regulation assigns scores and penalties to decide the queen Contrada of Bobbio.
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6 - 7 - 8 - 9 June 2019
Quattro Castella (RE)
From 6 to 9 June 2019, the “Corteo Storico Matildico” recalls at Quattro Castella (RE) the episode of the “reinfeudazione” of Matilde di Canossa thanks to Enrico V. The festival, with thousands of costumed actors, consists in the theatrical representation of that episode with the figure of Matilde and the one of the Emperor Enrico V, interpreted by internationally famous names of the spectacle and of the sport as Silvana Pampanini, Stefania Sandrelli, Tania Cagnotto, Corrado Pani, Michele Placido, Biagio Antonacci o Giuliano Razzoli. Furthermore, the performances of the Contrade of flag wavers and musicians, parades of the main historical groups, the Quintana of the Ring and the Gran Passo d’Armi, where two teams of 7 fighters face each other over a wooden bridge. The winner is the team who manages to drop all the components of the opposite team from the bridge, leaving at least one of its members still over it.
Corteo Storico Matildico - Quattro Castella
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31 August - 1° September 2019
Ciano d'Enza - "Bosco dell'Impero"
Between the end of August and the beginning of September, the 29th historical re-enactment of Canossa puts back on stage at Ciano d’Enza (RE) the famous episode of “Perdono di Canossa” (Pardon of Canossa), which saw in 1077 the excommunicated Enrico IV depose his royal dress and attend for three days the retirement of the terrible measure of Pope Gregorio VII, guest at the loyal Countess Matilde. It was her to intercede and create the occasion for the withdrawal of the excommunication.
The village becomes a medieval borough which welcome the parade guided by the three protagonists of the episode, towards the dinner at the Court of Matilde, among performances of flag wavers and musician exhibitions - To view the menù click here.
Bookings welcome (no later than 27 August): Valentina 348.5993068 - Fausto 347.8824119 - Emanuela 328.4268275 (after 19.00)
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