Emilia in bloom

26/03/2019 - 19/05/2019

Emilia in bloom

From 23 March to 19 May 2019 in the territory of Destinazione Turistica Emilia – among Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia – exclusive events dedicated to flowers, plants and gardens bloom.

When spring blooms, the territory of Destinazione Turistica Emilia transforms itself in a variegated garden, where special events dedicated to the world of plants, flowers and fruits bloom.
So, March, April and May 2019 are the best periods to plunge into the amazing natural abundance of this earth crossed by the River Po, guided by the perfumes and colours of flower-growing and of a green universe to be discovered.

REGGIO EMILIA IN BLOOM – Reggio Emilia – 23 e 24 March 2019
The historical centre of Reggio Emilia, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 march 2019, transforms itself into a spring garden for the event “Reggio Emilia in Bloom”, Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio and Piazza della Vittoria.
There will be a lot of varieties of plants and flowers exhibited by plant growers from all over Italy, among geraniums, lilies, freesias, camellia, tulips and primroses, (indoor, garden and fruit) vegetal species.
Lemon and orange trees will come from Sicily, azaleas and rhododendrons from Tuscany, and also eastern bonsai, colourful roses, precious orchids, aromatic herbs of all kinds.
A lot of attention will be reserved to the green style tendencies, as it’s typical for this event.
Besides, the exhibitors will dispense advises on the treatment of plants.
The event is organised by S.G.P. events, with the sponsorship of Comune di Reggio Emilia.
For info: www.reggioemiliainfiore.it

"FIORI, SAPERI, SAPORI" – Castello di Tabiano (PR) – 6 e 7 April 2019
Flower growers, experts of good food and craftwork come together in the millennial spaces of Castello di Tabiano and its village in Parma, for the 1° edition of “Fiori, Saperi, Sapori” products and excellences of the tradition, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April 2019.
You can admire and discover plants of all kinds, typical products of the territory as Culatello, Porcini mushrooms, honey, as well as original craftworks.
With the privilege of visiting the amazing Castello di Tabiano, among frescoes, yards, terraces, the park and historical residences, and relaxing at Terme di Berzieri of Salsomaggiore, a liberty masterpiece.
The price for the exhibition entrance, with visit to Terme Berzieri of Salsomaggiore and transport is 10 euro per person.
For info: www.castelloditabiano.com

NEL SEGNO DEL GIGLIO – Reggia di Colorno (PR) – From 12 to 14 April 2019
In the historical garden of the Reggia di Colorno, from 12 to 14 April 2019, flowers, plants and food (expression of biodiversity) bloom for the 26th exhibition of quality gardening: “Nel segno del Giglio 2019”.
On exhibition, the excellences of Italian and international flower growing, ancient plants rediscovered by young flower growers and horticulturalists, information to grow orchards and gardens, furniture, books and magazines dedicated to the green world, meetings with farmers and experts, workshops for children and adults.
The event is an opportunity for visiting the lovely Reggia di Colorno, “the Versailles of the dukes of Parma”.
Per info: www.nelsegnodelgiglio.it

FESTIVAL ITINERANTE DELLE LECCORNIE SPONTANEE - Canossa - Rossena - Val Campola - 12-14 April 2019
Canossa hills will be the set of this festival, that will allow the participants to discover the richness offered by meadows.
A lot of dates, workshops and walks dedicated to the recognition of wild herbs and of their several purposes: in medicine, kitchen and why not, art.
Three days to discover this immense patrimony at your fingertips.
For info: FB E-Venti di Terra

GEORGICA - FESTA DELLA TERRA, DELLE ACQUE E DEL LAVORO NEI CAMPI - Lido Po di Guastalla - Palazzo Ducale - 20, 21 e 22 April 2019
The three days event is located on the river bank of Po, in a fascinating environment; equipped area, easily accessible with 200 exhibitors of excellent, botanical and culinary products.
The schedule includes artistic workshops linked to “fluvial art”, a section dedicated to art installation among the trees, literary and music events in the theatre of straw, outdoor area; creations of orchards, presence of farmyard animals, with the aim of involving in an active way both children and adults.
Comune di Guastalla
Tel: 0522-839763
Mail: uit@comune.guastalla.re.it
Web: www.georgica-guastalla.it

FRUTTI ANTICHI – Castello di Paderna (PC) – 11 e 12 May 2019
It is one of the most loved and famous events of flower growing in Italy, “Frutti Antichi”, forgotten plants, flowers and fruits and high craftwork products. Its 5th spring edition will be Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May 2019 at Castello di Paderna, Pontenure (PC).
An amazing journey to the discovery of fruits of the earth, among plants and crops of particular variety, essential for the health and the imbalances of the ecosystem.
Rare species of plants and trees, ancient seeds, crops and agricultural traditions could be discovered among the gardens and the outdoor areas of the castle. 150 have been selected, among which craftsmen and antique dealers will not fail to arrive, in a programme full of meetings and lectures with professionals, scholars and representatives of institutions from all over Italy.
“Frutti Antichi” is promoted by FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano- and realised in partnership with the Castle of Paderna and Fai of Piacenza.
Minimum of 8 euro for the entrance; 6 euro for FAI members and owners of Card del Ducato; free for children under 12 years old and for who will register to FAI in occasion of the event.
The contributions collected in the event will be destined to the restoration of one of the FAI possessions.
For info: www.fruttiantichi.net

ORTOCOLTO – Busseto (PR) – 18 e 19 may 2019
The territory of Giuseppe Verdi transforms itself into a green garden for the new edition of Ortocolto, 18 and 19 May 2019 in the lovely location of “Villa Pallvicino”, Busseto (PR).
The festival of gardens, orchards, fruits, music, art and good food is also a fair dedicated to the world of plants, where to find precious botanical rarity, valuable craftmanship, among events, concerts and workshops.
Saturday 18 May from 10.00 am and Sunday 19 May from 9.00 am until sunset. You could walk among stands with plants, seeds and flowers from all over Italy, refreshments areas and culinary goodies.
The event is organised by the cultural association Ortocolto in order to promote its poetical and hardworking territory and to create a society where a culture respectful of the environment of everyone reigns. Its motto is “the sustainable lightness of the being”.
Ortocolto becomes the occasion of meeting and culture between music and moments of confrontation.
For info: www.ortocolto.it