Emilia for every taste... in Spring and Summer 2020!

13/03/2020 - 02/09/2020

Emilia for every taste... in Spring and Summer 2020!

2020 reasons to dive into the eno-gastronomic events between Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia.


1 - 30 June 2020
Gardens and Gourmet Museums 2020
Parma, Museum and Historical Palace courts
A gastronomic walk which links the flavors, the art and the music, opening the doors of exclusive places in the city.
Edited by Parma Alimentare, Parma City and "Parma, io ci sto!"

9 - 17 May 2020
Cibus Off 2020
Portici del Grano and Garibaldi Square- Parma
An events which celebrates the city gastronomic vocation, with the partecipation of famous chefs.
Edited by Parma Alimentare, Parma City, "Parma, io ci sto!"

5 - 7 June 2020
Gola Gola Festival
A three days festival which will make Piacenza "food and wine" protagonist with numerous open-air events.
E-mail: info@golagolafestival.it
Web: www.golagolafestival.it
Social: FB golagolafestival , IG golagolafestival , Youtube

Middle-June 2020 weekend
Sagra del Lambrusco e della Spergola
Albinea - Reggio Emilia
An event related  to the pleasure and culture of good drinking and good food during which you can also make pleasant  tastings and purchases between the wineries and the numerous food and wine stands.

July 2020
An evening of Georges Cogny International Cuisine
Farini - Piacenza
Each year Frini celebrates the memory ofthe great french Chef Georges Cogny with an event during which his creations are reinvented by the great Chefs that has been his students. Born French, but adopted by Val Nure, Cogny helped, with his culinary art, making Val Nure famous worldwide, and he's been the teacher of many talented young cooks: Massimo Bottura, Filippo Chiappini Dattilo, Isa Mazzocchi and many more.
Info: IAT Valnure Valchero
Phone: +39 0523 870997
Web: www.valnure.info

22 July 2020
The sourdough teachers 2020
Portici del Grano and Garibaldi Square - Parma
An ideas and pastry labs with tasting sessions, cooking show and en plein air labs.
Edited by Video Type and "Parma, io ci sto!"

24 - 26 July 2020
Miss Anguria Blues
Novellara - Reggio Emilia
Food stands, traditional games, shows and competitions about weight and sweetness are the heart of the fair in honour of the watermelon, that in the land of Reggio obtained its PGI certification. Blues music will accompany the event through concerts of artist both Italian and foreigners.

31 July - 3 August 2020
54th Fair of the Parmigiano Reggiano
Casina - Reggio Emilia
the Parmigiano Reggiano Fair is not the classic "village fair" but is the Fair par excellence for the promotion of the Parmigiano Reggiano di Montagna, now in its 53rd edition.
The event is spread over 4 days, starting from Friday evening with shows in the town squares, the classic traditional market on Saturday and Sunday, while on via Roma, the central street of the capital, the food market develops which promotes local products and creates a sort of corridor that leads to the RE of cheeses. The prize for Parmigiano Reggiano takes place on the final evening of Monday.
Dairies compete for their best product examined by the Commission of Official Tasters which determine the best mountain cheese of the season.
Info: Casina City
Tel: +39 0522 604715
E-mail: commercio@comune.casina.re.it
Web: www.comune.casina.re.it

August 2020
Glasses Under the Stars
Various Locations
Excursions between vinery and tasting paths, dedicated to the Piacenza traditional wines, participant to the national events, sponsored by Città del Vino.
Info: Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino
Web: www.cittadelvino.it

26 August - 2 September
Glasses in the Castle
Scandiano - Reggio Emilia
In the magical setting of the Rocca dei Boiardo and its gardens, take place the unmissable tastings offered by the wineries associated to the Associazione Compagnia della Spergola

28 - 31 August 2020
Coppa Festival
Carpaneto Piacentino (Piacenza)
Since more than 50 years, the event celebrates the excellences of Piacenza: PDO cured meats. Four days of traditional appointments with good food and its history. Emilian food and wine culture is celebrated with excellent local dishes, served with PDO wines from the hills of Piacenza.