Emilia 2020... in Piacenza

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020

Emilia 2020... in Piacenza

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On the occasion of Parma Italian Culture Capital 2020, discover the events in
Piacenza and its province.


October 2019 - June 2020
The last tree. An artistic and cultural trip through to the nature secretes, the climate changes and the human responsibility.
Alberoni Gallery, Biffi Art Gallery, Passerini Land Civic Library, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Svep Service Center for the Voluntary Work, Natural History Museum, Archeological Museum in Castell’Arquato, Celendasco City
A wide exhibition and venture linked to the natural art by Romano Bertuzzi, edited by Carlo Francou, between Piacenza, Castell’Arquato and Calendasco.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39  0523 492001
Web: www.piacerepiacenza.it

1 February - 24 May 2020
We are the revolution. Contemporary Italian collecting.
XNL Space, S. Franca Street, 56 Piacenza
Inauguration of the new space XNL PIACENZA CONTEMPORANEA, art incubator totally dedicated to the contemporary art. The exhibition, edited by Alberto FIz, wants to valorize the different private collecting components, starting from the ’60s, through more than 150 different works, between paintings, sculptures, videos, installations by Lucio Fontana, Maurizio Cattelan, Marina Abramovic, Bill Viola that will talk with the Giuseppe Ricci Oddi's collection, which constitutes the fundamental model.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Mail: iat@comune.piacenza.it
Web: www.piacenza2020.it
Social: FB /piacenza2020official IG /piacenza2020_official TW /piacenza2020

23 May - 25 October 2020
Madonna Sistina by Raffaello in his Piacenza
San Sisto Monastic Complex - San Sisto Street, 9 Piacenza
In one of the most precious architectural jewelry in Piacenza, a path for visiting it is organized; in it, it’s possibile to find a new permanent museum which, through a video, short films and virtual reconstructions will tell the monastic complex and about the Madonna Sistina painted by Raffaello.
The painting, now exposed in the Gemäldegalerie in Dresda, was created especially for this place.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Mail: iat@comune.piacenza.it
Web: www.piacenza2020.it
Social: FB /piacenza2020official IG /piacenza2020_official TW /piacenza2020

March 2020
Visconti Fortress and Farnese Palace
Civic Museums in Farnese Palace - Citadell Square, 29 Piacenza
The new exhibition in the “Roman Section” in the Farnese Palace Museum is opening now. Presented in an organic and innovative way a lot of different evidence from the roman age, coming from the excavation done in Piacenza and in its territory from 1800 until now. In the different room are going to be exposed 500 evidences which are going to tell the Piacenza’s history from its foundation in 218 a.C. and are going to improve the comprehension about Piacenza, from the urban architetture, to the public and private construction, to the daily life, necropolis and cultural habits. 
Info: Musei di Palazzo Farnese
Phone: +39 0523 492658
Web: www.palazzofarnese.piacenza.it
Social: FB /palazzofarnese.piacenza   IG /palazzofarnese.piacenza

14 June 2020
Chiaravalle della Colomba Abbey
In the Chiaravalle della Colomba Circense Abbey, in occasion of the Corpus Domini celebration, it will be possible to admire the beautiful flowered carpet, the “Infiorata”, composed by flowers, leaves and paintings with sacred figures, set up in the Abbey's central nave by the monks and by the voluntaries. 
In addition to the holy celebrations, in the Abbey parallel events are organized by the Alseno City Municipal Administration, like concerts. 
Info: Comune di Alseno
Phone: +39 0523 945516
Web: www.comune.alseno.pc.it

September - October 2020
The Farnese’s equestrian groups and the contemporary sculptures.
Cavalli Square and historical palace in the City Center - Piacenza
In a wide cultural path, the famous Mochi’s Farnesian horses talk with the contemporary sculptores works, from Botero
to Marino Marini and Henry Moore, set up in some rooms in historical palaces in Piacenza.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Mail: iat@comune.piacenza.it
Web: www.piacenza2020.it
Social: FB /piacenza2020official IG /piacenza2020_official TW /piacenza2020

October - December 2020
Gianfranco Ferré. Homage to Guercino
XNL Space Piacenza, S.Franca Street, 56 Piacenza
The sketches and the creations by Gianfranco Ferré tell his particular link with Piacenza City. In the ’80s, the stylist sponsored the restoration of the Guercino paintings in the Cathedral Dome. Fascinated by Guercino’s paintings, Ferré deduced his inspiration from the Guercino’s Sibille painting for creating his suits collection.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Mail: iat@comune.piacenza.it
Web: www.piacenza2020.it
Social: FB /piacenza2020official IG /piacenza2020_official TW /piacenza2020


October 2019 - November 2020
Municipal Theatrical Season (lyrics, theatre and dance) 2019-2020
Municipal Theatre - Verdi Street, 41 - Piacenza
The Season 2019/2020 in the Piacenza Theatre Foundation sponsors six Opera titles - La Bohème, Falstaff, Lucrezia Borgia, Turandot, Pelléas et Mélisande, Mefistofele - of which 5 new sets up which range from the big Italian composers like Puccini, Verdi, Donizetti, Boito, and a precious Debussy. Four ballets like Giselle, a Galà night with some young stars directed by Giacomo Rovero, rising star of the Royal Ballet and a tribute to Federico Fellini in the year in which is going to celebrate the centenary. In the two hundred and fifth year from Ludwing van Beethoven birth, he will be homaged with a new opera commission which will have as protagonist Leo Nucci in the symphonic program.
Info: Fondazione Teatri Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492259-2252
Web: www.teatripiacenza.it
Social: FB /teatripiacenza IG /teatripiacenza

July 2020
International Street Artists Festival. Different kind of artistic companies (also international) every year propose great shows during the two days festival. All Vernasca is transformed in a big proscenium which measures 10.000 meters square, where characteristic corners, squares, private courts are the right spaces for the artistic expressions.
Info: Associazione Appennino Cultura
Web: www.bascherdeis.it
Social: FB /bascherdeis IG /bascherdeis

July - August 2020
Veleia Festival in the Ancient Theatre
Archeological National Area in Veleia Romana
The Ancient Theatre Festival continues every year a strong tradition which allows to live again the public shows habit: spectators and famous artists, immersed in a out of time atmosphere, where the nature beauty is married with the ancient fascinating atmosphere of the roman city.
Info: Segreteria Veleia Teatro
Phone: +39 331 1466809
Web: www.veleiateatro.com
Social: FB /veleiateatro IG /veleiateatro

August - September 2020
The last province Theatre Festival
Various locations in the Piacenza Province
Performances, Street theatre, dance, music and comic shows with young artist, in addition to the best theatrical and circus Italian and international tradition.
Info: Manicomics Teatro
Phone: +39 339 6180502
Web: www.manicomics.it
Social: FB /manicomics.teatro


November 2019 - April 2020
Municipal Theatre Season (concerts) 2019-2020
Municipal Theatre - Verdi Street, 41 Piacenza
The 2019/2020 Season of the Theatre Foundation in Piacenza proposes six concerts with applauded orchestra directors and solo artist, with a special focus on the Twentieth Century traditional music.
Info: Fondazione Teatri Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492259-2252
Web: www.teatripiacenza.it
Social: FB /teatripiacenza IG /teatripiacenza

May - November 2020
Valtidone Festival
Various Locations in Piacenza province
An intinerant concerts festival between castles, ville, palaces and the most suggestive corners in the Val Tidone. The protagostic are the winners of the International Val Tidone Musical Contest, the jury members and the international famous artists.
Info: Fondazione Val Tidone Musica c/o Comune di Sarmato
Phone: +39 0523 887827
Web: www.valtidone-competitions.com
Social: FB /valtidone.festival

6 June - July 2020
Valnure Musical Festival
Various locations in the Piacenza province
4 evenings in the Valnure cities where different kind of groups, in collaboration with some students and teachers from the Nicolini Conservatory in Piacenza, are going to perform a wide program, from the jazz music to the lyric Opera and classic music. The first concert is going to be performed in Podenzano City and the festival will end in Bettola with a woodwinds orchestra show.
Info: IAT Valnure Valchero
Phone: +39 0523 870997
Web: www.valnure.info
Social: FB /bettolaeventi

July 2020
Castel Festival
Sforza Fogliani Villa - Castelnuovo Fogliani
The lyric musical festival will have tree evenings in the wonderful Villa Sforza Fogliani in the Castelnuovo Fogliani Village. Free entrance thanks to an articulate program which attracts a lot of people.
Info: Comune di Alseno
Phone: +39 0523 945516
Web: www.comune.alseno.pc.it

July 2020
Bettola Sommermusiken
Cappella dell’Apparizione - Bettola
Three evenings for enjoying the best music, performed by international famous artists, sponsored by Christoph Hartmann, first oboe in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Bettola honorary citizen.
Info: IAT Valnure Valchero
Phone: +39 0523 870997
Web: www.valnure.info
Social: FB /bettolaevent

July 2020
Music in Ireland
San Colombano Square - Bobbio
The Musical Festival celebrates the Bobbio City’s foundation by the irish monk Colombano, bringing Celtic music in this Val Trebbia City. In the three days festival there will be on the stage in San Colombano Square different kind of music bands, each with different visions of the irish music and it will be possibile taste in the gastronomic stands dishes and beers form the green island.
Info: IAT Bobbio
Phone: +39 0523 962815
Web: www.associazionenovecento.com
Social: FB /irlandainmusica

August - October 2020
Ancient Organs - A heritage to be saved
Various locations in Piacenza province
One of the most ancient music festival in Piacenza territory, where the young and brilliant organs performers with some historical names of the Italian and international organ tradition will play thematic music. The Festival is going to valorize the precious heritage of the organ tradition in the Piacenza territory.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Social: FB /antichiorganipiacenza

September 2020
International Organist Week
Various location in Piacenza
The Festival, with a big tradition behind, proposes 8 different musical events which are characterized by the performance of the most talents international organs musicians with a new and attractive program and they will play the traditional organs music in Piacenza.
Info: Gruppo Strumentale Ciampi
Phone: +39 0523 385840
Web: www.gruppociampi.com


June 2020
Alley App Freestyle Festival
Daturi Arena - Risorgimento Street, 1 Piacenza
Festival dedicated to the action sports and to the street culture.
Events and sport freestyle competitions.
Info: Alley Oop A.S.D
Phone: +39 333 2246910
Web: www.alleyoopfestival.com
Social: FB /alleyoopfestival

June - July 2020
Friday Shopping Nights in Piacenza
Historical Piacenza City Center Streets
Every Friday music shows (from classic to electric), dance performance, theatre shows, literature, comic strips, street art and circus. The Festival wants to valorize the local artists and the Piacenza treasure (with the extraordinary opening of museums, ritual places, palaces, private gardens).
The historical City Center will be transformed in a open air theatre, with itinerant events in different time of the day.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Web: www.venerdipiacentini.it
Social: FB /venerdipiacentini IG /venerdi_piacentini

June - July 2020
From Mississippi River to Po River Festival
Different locations in Fiorenzuola d’Arda
Musica and culture tighter: on the stage are going to perform bluemas known worldwide; there will be also “Caffé Letterario” in the afternoon that will be host famous names in the literature field.
Info: Cooperativa Fedro
Web: www.festivaldalmississippialpo.com
Social: FB /DalMississippiAlPo   IG /festival_dal_mississippi_al_po

July - August 2020
Bobbio Film Festival
San Colombiano Cloisters Abbey - Bobbio
Cinema Festival and meetings with authors directed by Marco Bellocchio director. It will be placed in the suggestive Medieval Village of Bobbio, in Val Trebbia. The festival proposes a wide cultural offer and it is completed with a critic workshops and for a cinematography knowledge. In Bobbio will come artists, critics, passionates and sector experts.
Info: IAT Bobbio
Phone: +39 0523 962815
Web: Bobbio Film Festival
Social: FB /fondazionefarecinema


May 2020 - December 2020
Appennino Festival
Various Location in Piacenza province
Popular Music Show in the 4 provinces on the Piacenza Apennine. There will be a rich events program from the ancient musical programs to the centuries - old path walked by the pilgrims, popular celebrations, poetries and storytellers.
Info: Gruppo Enerbia
Phone: +39 347 6897081
Web: www.appenninofestival.it
Social: FB / Appennino Festival

3 May 2020
Placentia Marathon for Unicef
Mid International Marathon, mini marathon pedibus and Associations walking
Info: Placentia Half marathon
Phone: +39 041 990320
Web: www.placentiahalfmarathon.com/
Social: FB /placentiahalfmarathon/

22-23 May 2020
Readers Party
Passerini Landi Civic Biblioteque - Carducci Street, 14 Piacenza
Celebrating the year dedicated to literature and books
Info: Biblioteca Passerini Landi
Phone: +39 0523 492410
Web: www.passerinilandi.piacenza.it
Social: FB /passerinilandi

31 May 2020
Historical Parade
Grazzano Visconti
Actors in magnificent Medieval and of the Renaissance clothes will animate the Grazzano Visconti Village: jugglers, acrobats, soldiers and horsemen. On Saturday night, the village, illuminated by torches, will host the Grazzano Visconti Battle, a fight between Christians and Saracens. On Sunday will be entertainments in every village’s squares and a historical parade; in addition the Horse Tournament.
Info: IAT Valnure Valchero
Phone: +39 0523 870997
Web: www.grazzano.it   www.valnure.info
Social: FB grazzano

4-9 June 2020
Roses’s Six Days
Velodromo Pavesi - Fiorenzuola d’Arda
Sportive and international Show with 140 athletic people enrolled, coming from 19 different nations. The Show, the most important bike track event in Italy, alternates the traditional six days in couple games, class 1 Uci. In addition a rich program of events and correlate shows.
Info: ASD Florentia
Web: www.fiorenzuolatrack.it

7 June 2020
Castell’Arquato - Vernasca
Starting from Pubblico Passeggio Street - Piacenza
Commemoration of the historical international competition for race cars (regular events in the national calendar ASI) from the City to the beautiful Piacenza hills landscape.
Info: Piacenza CPAE
Phone: +39 0523 248930 - 377 1695440
Web: www.cpae.it

26-27-28 June 2020
Vernasca Silver Flag
Castell’Arquato - Lugagnano Val d’Arda - Vernasca
One of the most important appointment for the historical cars lovers. Vernasca Silver Flag, competition dedicated for the memory of the historical competion “Castell’Arquato - Lugagnano - Vernasca” which was competed for 17 editions from 1953 to 1972. The Vernasca Silver Flag event is a dynamic competition for the restoration and conservation of the competition cars: the cars parade is on a closed and dedicated route and with a limited speed.
Info: Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli d'Epoca CPAE
Phone: +39 0523 248930
Web: www.vernascasilverflag.it

June - July 2020
Manifestazioni Antoniane
Various Location in Piacenza
A rich program of events, having as cornerstone the 4 of July, the day of the Holy Patron Sant’Antonino celebration.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Web: www.piacerepiacenza.it

August 2020
Literature Week
San Colombano Abbey - Bobbio
A lot of different appointments in the beautiful setting of the San Colombano Abbey. The appointments are about the books presentation with important guests from the Italian cultural and musical fields and the award ceremony of the Literature Competition the “Piacenza person of the year”, reading, projections and books exhibition.
Info: IAT Bobbio
Phone: +39 0523 962815
Web: www.edizionipontegobbo.com

October 2020
The painted domes’s Structure and Architectur: greatness and artifice in Rome and the Farnese Duchy between 1500 and 1700.
A day for studies edited by the Soprintendenza Archeologia delle Belle Arti e Paesaggio for the Parma’s and Piacenza’s provinces.
Info: Comune di Piacenza Assessorato Cultura e Turismo
Phone: +39 0523 492653

Last weekend of September 2020
Green Grazzano
Grazzano Visconti Castle
A show dedicated to the green and to the creativity. The best plants lovers and gardens lovers in the Grazzano Visconti’s Park Castle.
Info: Ufficio stampa Studio ESSECI
Phone: +39 049 663499
Web: www.verdegrazzano.it
Social: FB Verde Grazzano IG /verdegrazzano

The first weekend of October 2020
Ancient Fruits Autumn Edition
Paderna Castle - Pontenure
Exhibition of Plants, Flowers and forgotten fruits. A special event for collectors, garden and horticulture lovers and artisanal products expositors. In addition, spaces dedicated to technical conversations and sector specialists. Labs, games and spaces dedicated to the children.
Info: segreteria
Phone: +39 334 9790207
Web: www.fruttiantichi.net
Social: FB /fruttiantichipaderna IG /fruttiantichiapaderna

End of November 2020 - 6 January 2021
Grazzano’s Christmas Time
Grazzano Visconti
The Grazzano Visconti Medieval Castle’s is going to be transformed and it is going to have a special atmosphere. An event for exalting the tradition which involves adults and children between entertainment, music and the Santa Clause’s House. It’s possibile to taste good food and a good artisanal beer in a wide area covered and heated. Artisans, artists, intelligence operators propose their unique creation and the stands expose artisanal products and enogastronomic local offerings.
Info: IAT Valnure Valchero
Phone: +39 0523 870997
Web: www.grazzano.it

December 2020
A Christmas Festival: a magic atmosphere along the street of the enchanted Castell’Arquato medieval village, between Christmas market, nativity scenes, exhibitions and Christmas trees, for discovering and buying artisanal products, decorations, sweets, typical products, street food and gift ideas between roast chestnut, vin brûlée and other typical enograstronomic products. In the Podestà Palace is be set up the traditional exhibition “Nativity Scenes from the World”. The street are animated by music, shows and pipers.
Info: IAT Castell'Arquato
Phone: +39 0523 803215
Web: www.castellarquato.com
Social: FB /castellarquato


5-6-7 June 2020
Gola Gola Festival
Piacenza Historical Center
A Festival build on the food field, which for three days will transform Piacenza City in a stage for events open air and it will make the City the protagonist of the enogastronomic filed.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Web: www.golagolafestival.it
Social: FB /golagolafestival IG /golagolafestival

July 2020
International Cuisine night Georges Cogny
Every year Farini celebrates the memory of the great chef Georges Cogny with a night event, during which his creation are elaborated by his most talents students. Born in France, Cogny lived in Val Nure and valorized the Val Nure land with his cooking art all over the word and he was the teacher of the contemporary most important chefs like Massimo Bottura, Filippo Chiappini Dattilo, Isa Mazzocchi and others.
Info: IAT Valnure Valchero
Phone: +39 0523 870997
Web: www.valnure.info

August 2020
Glasses Under the Stars
Various Location
Excursions between vinery and tasting paths, dedicated to the Piacenza traditional wines, participant to the national events, sponsored by Città del Vino.
Info: Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino
Web: www.cittadelvino.it

The last weekend of August 2020
Coppa Cured Meat Party
Carpaneto Piacentino
For over half a century, the Coppa Cured Meat Party, dedicated to the PDO traditional Piacenza Cured Meat, has been represented a certain appointment with good food and tradition. Four days for discovering the enogastronomic culturel in Emilia land, with stands where is possibile to taste the delicious Coppa and the good local dishes, matched with the AOC wines from Piacenza hills.
Info: Pro Loco di Carpaneto
Phone: +39 0523 852502 – 331 4990655
Web: www.festadellacoppa.it
Social: FB Festa della coppa

September 2020
European Market
Pubblico Passeggio Street - Piacenza
It’s going to return the big window and stage open air with artisanal and culinary specialities from all the Europe: 150 stand are going to exhibit, of which 130 are international. A marriage between dishes and traditional products from all over the world and from Piacenza’s land.
Info: IAT Piacenza
Phone: +39 0523 492001
Social: FB /MercatoEuropeoPiacenza

September 2020
Valtidone Wine Fest
Borgonovo Valtidone, Siano Piacentino, Alta Valtidone, Pianello Valtidone
Every weekends in September is going to be set up the best enogastronomical tradition in Val Tidone: tasting sessions, but also shows, meeting, detailed cultural studies in the setting of one of the most beautiful village in the Valley.
Info: Segreteria Organizzativa
Phone: +39 0523 861823
Web: www.valtidonewinefest.it
Social: FB /valtidone.winefest

September 2020
Piacenza is a Sea of Flavors
Cavalli Square - Piacenza
An immersion in the Piacenza gastronomic culture, the event dedicated to the typical products, sponsored by the Corsorzio Salumi DOP Piacentini.
In the central square there are labs, cooking show and musical appointments in addition to enogastornomic stands with Emilia Romagna’s PDO, ACO, and PGI products tasting sessions.
Info: Consorzio Salumi Piacentini
Phone: +39 0523 591260
Web: www.salumitipicipiacentini.it

October 2020
The Gold “Coppa” Cured Meat
The award “Gold Coppa” has as goals the objective to show the Piacenza traditional cured meat to an international public and at the same time valorizes the Piacenza’s territory, the unique province in all the Europe which has three cured meat with PDO denomination.
Info: Consorzio Salumi Piacentini
Phone: +39 0523 591260
Web: www.salumitipicipiacentini.it

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