Emilia 2020...in Parma

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020

Emilia 2020...in Parma

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On the occasion of Parma Italian Culture Capital 2020, discover the events in
Parma and its province.


12 January - 3 May 2020
Time Machine
See and experience the Time
Governor Palace
A reflection about how the media have modified our time perception.
Edited by Michele Guerra and Antonio Somaini, with Eline Grignard and Marie Rebecchi.
City of Parma and Solares Arts Foundation production.

13 January – 15 March 2020
Parma is Gazzetta
News, culture, performances, sport: 285 years of history
Palazzo Pigorini
A journey through the three centuries of history of “Gazzetta”, the oldest Italian newspaper continuously published since 1735, and the parallel history of the city of which it bears the name.

2 February - 17 May 2020
Cordially Depero or about the daily futurisms
APE Parma Museum
A reflection about the avant-garde through architteture, decoration, advertisment and common objects.
Edited by Monteparma Foundation

22 February - 31 May 2020
The "Certosa di Parma". The city dreamed by Stendhal, interpreted by Carlo Mattioli
Bossi Bocchi Palace
The imagnary time of Parma, told by Stendhal, in the contemporary Carlo Mattioli's visions.
Edited by Cariparma Foundation

1 March - 31 October 2020
The Labyrinth of History
Labirinto della Masone, Fontanellato
The humans and our civilization histories come alive and tell the labyrith immagination through the Umberto Eco's and FMR's visions.
Edited by Franco Maria Ricci Foundation

14 March - 5 July 2020
The last romantic person. Luigi Magnani, the Villa dei Capolari owner.
Magnani Rocca Foundation, Mammiano di Traversetolo
Homage to Luigi Magnani, musician and collector that loved the dialogue between the painting, the music and the literature.
Edited by Stefano Roffi.
Magnani Rocca Foundation Production

4 April - 18 August 2020
Franco Maria Ricci: editor, designer and collector
Pigorini Palace
Exhibition dedicated to the graphic and editorial FMR's history, with books and projects from the '60s until now.
Edited by Parma City, in collaboration with Franco Maria Ricci Foundation.

24 April - 10 October 2020
Hospitale. The Future of Memory
Crociera dell'Ospedale Vecchio
The big exhibition dedicated to Ospedale Vecchio, to Parma's memory and to its citizens history.
Edited by Studio Azzurro
City of Parma, Studio Azzurro, Parma State Archive, University of Parma Production

25 April - 2 August 2020
The Shapes Route. A trip in the trades of Parma
San Ludovico Gallery
A trip in the trades of Parma, through their evolution, with the involvment of city companies.
Edited by Parma 360 and GIA - Gruppo Imprese Artigiane

20 May - 8 November 2020
With the Antelami eyes
Baptistery and Diocesan Museum
Face to face with the great Antelami, thanks to virtual and real intallations.
Edited by Parma Diocese

28 May - 13 September 2020
Design! Objects, processes, experience
APE Parma Museum and Valserena Abbey
The CSAC archives tell the history and the artistic paths of great people in the contemporary art.
Edited by CSAC - Study Center and Communication Archive of Univeristy of Parma.

19 September 2020 - 10 January 2021
Governor Palace
A trip in the history of the birth of Italian National Identity through Parma and its link with the Opera.
Edited by Gloria Bianchino and Giuseppe Martini.
City of Parma Production, in collaboration with Regio Theatre

25 September 2020 - 13 January 2021
Parma Athene of Italy
APE Parma Museum
An exhibition that want to evoke the Ducal City atmosphere during the Borbone Family dominion through artistic heritage and important works.
Edited by Eleutheria Foundation, in collaboration with Monteparma Foundation

Autumn 2020 - Begin of 2021
Farnese Family: the arts and the power. 1513 - 1731
Pilotta Palace
For Farnese Family the arts were the means to conquer and govern the territory and for the affirmation of their strong immagine.
Promoted by Pilotta Palace, Cariparma Foundation, University and Architects Order in Parma.

9 - 22 September 2020
Interactive Poliphonos
Farnese Theatre
Project composed by a lab, a musical composition and an installation for promote the cultural integration.
Edited by Martino Traversa.
Prometeo Foundation Production


Regio Theatre Season for Parma 2020
14 - 22 March 2020
Opera | Pelleas et Melisande
8 - 15 May 2020
Opera | Rise and Fall of the Mahagonny City
28 - 29 March 2020
Dance | Quartet for the End of the Time
9 April 2020
Concert | The Time of Europe
A new approach about the concept of time, researched through the music and its shape

22 - 23 May 2020
The Trumph of Time and Disappointment
San Giovanni
A silver tongue about the Cardinal Pamphilj booklet with Händel music, set up in a scenic way.
Directed by Fabio Biondi
Teatro Due Foundation and Europa Galante Association Production

22 - 24 May and 29 - 31 May 2020
S-Closed. A theatral trip in the closed shops
Quartiere Oltretorrente
Theatral actions for riviving the closed shops in Oltretorrente, involving the passers-by.
Teatro delle Briciole Production

15 - 27 June 2020
The life is a dream
Pilotta Palace
Performance and video for involving people in a strong emotive project.
Lenz Foundation Project

21- 25 September 2020
A trip in the Theatre. A review of Scolastic Theatre
Cerchio Theatre
A theahtral review about the Time, dedicated to the children, the show spectators and protagonists.
Cerchio Theatre Production


15 November 2019 - 5 May 2020
Paganini Auditorium, Music Park
Different musical shows, edited by Filarmonica Orchestra and big international talents.
Arturto TOscanini FOundation

26 March 2020 and 27 - 29 May 2020
It's our Time!
Toscanini Auditorium, Ex-Eridania Park, San Leonardo Park, WOPA, Borgotaro
Muscial project for involving the citizens and different urban spaces, following the Abreau educational model.
Arturo Toscanini Foundation Production

19 - 21 June 2020
Various Places
Three days about music and dance for sponsoring the integrantion and the coexistence of the people in the world.
Edited by Enzo Miceli, in collaboration with CAPAS - Center for Arts and Shows.

19 September - 20 October 2020
Verdi off
Various Places
Festival of side events parallel to Verdi Festival for sharing the festival spirit in all the Parma City.
Regio Theatre Foundation Production

March - October 2020
Parma...creative sounds
Various places
Listening Lab with and for young people which will end with concerts and installations with space as the central element.
Arrigo Boito Conservatory in Parma Production

7 April 2020
Children's Orchestra Orff. In the discussion, the children time blends and becomes art
Al Parco Theatre
A multietnic workshop for sponsoring the integration and the respect for the different cultures.
MUS-E Parma Production

19 - 20 September 2020
La fòla de l'oca. From the yestrday roots to the present time
Farnese Theatre
Young Musicians weave their experiences in a international trip between past and present
Roberto Bonati and Parma Jazz Frontiers Production


9 - 12 April 2020 / 23 - 27 June 2020 / 22-25 October 2020
Food for all people. An itinerant lab between food and culture
Various Places
Different Labs for cultivating relations and deepening themes link to culture and food.
Solidarietà Forum Project

1 March - 30 November 2020
Open Companies
Companies Seats
The Companies open their doors to the citizen for telling the multifaceted parmesan genius faber.
"Parma, io ci sto!" and UPI Project

22 - 24 May 2020
Block party
Qaurtiere Saffi, Borgo delle Colonne
Parties, shows and debates will animate the street with the collaboration of the resident people.
BDC28 Project

1 October - 30 November 2020
Visions about the mid-ordinary. Time, Earth, Stories of life
Ettore Guatelli Museum, Ozzano Taro
Iniziateves link to the different interpretative shapes of the relations between the daily like and the contemporary time.
Ettore Guatelli Museum Foundation, Collecchio City, Marionette International Museum Project


11 January - 31 December 2020 every Wednesday
Aperitif about the knowledge
Orto Botanico and Ponte Romano
Informative worshops about art and science in beautiful city places.

30 - 31 March 2020
Michelin European Star Day

29 - 31 May 2020
Sunday Live in Parma with the Sole24Ore Newspaper
Garibaldi Square
Three days for workshops and seminars directed by experts about different kind of themes.
Edited by Parma City and Domenica del SOle24Ore


1 - 30 May 2020
Thousans miles 2020
Various Places
The traditional age car running session, the XXXVIII edition
Edited by 1000 Miglia


1 - 30 June 2020
Gardens and Gourmet Museums 2020
Parma Museum and Historical Palace courts
A gastronomic walking which links the flavors, the art and the music, opening the doors of exclusive places in the city.
Edited by Parma Alimentare, Parma City and "Parma, io ci sto!"

9 - 17 May 2020
Cibus Off 2020
Portici del Grano and Garibaldi Square
An events which celebrates the city gastronomic vocation, with the partecipation of famous chefs.
Edited by Parma Alimentare, Parma City, "Parma, io ci sto!"

22 July 2020
The sourdough teachers 2020
Portici del Grano and Garibaldi Square
An ideas and pastry labs with tasting sessions, cooking show and en plein air labs.
Edited by Video Type and "Parma, io ci sto!"

1 - 30 September 2020
Gastronomic September 2020
Portici del Grano and Garibaldi Square
A rich of events calendar about the culture and the flavor, in which the gastronomy and local excellence are the protagonists.
Edited by Parma Alimentare, Parma City and "Parma, io ci sto!"

8 September 2020
The Thousand Dinner 2020
Garibaldi Square and Republic Street
Parma, the creative Unesco for Gastronomy City, will be transformed in a gourmet open space restaurant, with michelin stars chefs.
Edited by Parma Alimentare, Parma City and "Parma, io ci sto!"


8 Dicember 2020
San Francesco del Prato Inauguration
San Francesco del Prato
At the end of restoration work, the wonderful gotic church will open its doors to the public again.
Edited by the San Francesco Committee

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