Carnival in Emilia

21/01/2019 - 10/03/2019

Carnival in Emilia

There are many opportunities to visit Emilia and discover the Carnival tradition.

The Carnival of the Village 2019
22 February 2019 - 3 March 2019
Comune di Fidenza
Friday 1 March: Theatre G. Magnani h 21:00
Carnival’s Eve, heart and soul… towards the 70s.
At theatre you can dance with Opera Swing.
Charity evening with compulsory booking. 
For info and reservations: Cral Bormioli Rocco Tel. 392 9522302 / Fondazione bambini e Autismo tel. 0524 524047
Saturday 2 March: Piazza Garibaldi h 14:30
Village in disguise: everybody in the town square!
Parade and awarding of the masks. Music, confetti and animation with "La Carovana della Fantasia", the fractions, the Bank "Città di Fidenza". Nino Secchi presents.
(In case of bad wheather, the evening will be postponed on Saturday 9 March h 14:30)
Saturday 2 March: Piazza Garibaldi
Playground for Carnival. Charmed mini Castle.

Telefono: 0524/83377

"Albareto dei balocchi"
Sabato 09 Marzo 2019
Albareto Capoluogo
"Albareto dei balocchi" ... come you too across a passage in the open air, surrounded by nature ... masks, fun and much more for the streets of the village of Alta Val Taro in the masquerade parade.

Telefono: 0525 929449
Social: FB comune di albareto , Instagram @comunealbareto

"All for one, games for all!
Till not death, doesn't do us apart"
5 February 2019
Multiplo Cultural Centre Cavriago
Who said that one must necessarily win in games? In cooperative games if you lose, everybody loses or if you win, everybody wins! Join us with your team of friends and relatives or make one with us.
Challenge our games and win with a team player.
We will play with Carnival Zombie trying to beat a terrible zombie horde which wanders undisturbed among the livings during Carnival and with Il Sesto Senso where we will play the part of psychic trying to free an old house from a ghost which is hunting it for years.
Free entrance.
By Coop. Accento

Telefono: 0522373466
Social: FB Multiplo Cavriago


"Ciano d'Enza Carnival"
Domenica 17 Febbraio 2019
Ciano d'Enza – Comune di Canossa (RE)
The Carnival of Ciano d'Enza is coordinated by the New ProLoco of Ciano d'Enza under the patronage of the Municipality of Canossa and boasts the participation of various allegorical wagons made by willing volunteers.
The carnival parade will follow the streets of Ciano d'Enza up to Piazza Matilde di Canossa.
Here, waiting for everyone, there will be animation games to entertain young and old.

Centro Culturale Comune di Canossa
Telefono 0522.248404 
Social: FB Comune Di Canossa


"Castelnovo di Sotto Carnival" - 133° edition
10, 17, 24 february e 3 march 2019
Castelnovo di Sotto (RE) city center
In Castenovo di Sotto, the Carnival is a tradition that has lasted for 133 years.The giant carts that parade in the center of the country, the confetti, music and children are the protagonists of this event of significant tourist attraction that comes from the history of a laborius community, always busy with fervor in the costruction of wagons and masks.
The symbol of the Carnival is "Al Castlein", a somewhat atypical mask, which represents the sense of rural culture. The event is an opportunity to learn about the secrets and processing of papier-maché, the city, to taste the typical local products and visit the Mask Museum: an exceptional collection of 182 pieces dating back to 1810 composed of masks, ancient molds in metal and original gypsum models due to the existence, at the village, of an artisanal factory of masks of recognized importance for the high quality of the products made and for the ability to export artifacts in different European countries from the beginning of its activity.

Telefono: 0522 485736
Web: e
Social: FB città di Castenovo di Sotto  e FB Carnevale Al Castlein


"Carnevale in Valnure e Valchero"
23 february 2019, 14.30 h - Comune di Podenzano - Via Montegrappa
24 february 2019, 14.30 h - Comune di Vigolzone - Via Roma
2 march 2019, 14:00 h - Comune di San Giorgio
2 march 2019, 17:45 h - Comune di Gropparello - Piazza Roma
3 march 2019, 14.30 h - Comune di Carpaneto - Piazza XX settembre 1
The carnival in Valnure and Valchero, among the longest and most attended carnival events in the province of Piacenza, this year brings fun, joy and lots of masks in the squares and streets of Podenzano, Vigolzone, San Giorgio, Carpaneto and Gropparello
As usual, allegorical floats, masked groups and the Carpaneto "La Coppa" band will parade in two different weekends: 23-24 February and 02-03 March.
To cheer the carnival of adults and children there will also be pancakes and chatter prepared by the Pro Loco. 

IAT Grazzano Visconti
Telefono 0523870997 
Social: FB Nure Chero


"Carnevale Sampolese"
24 february 2019
Piazza Matteotti and San Polo d'Enza city center
The carnival in San Polo is characterized by a wide participation of children and adults thanks to the collaboration with the schools and with the voluntary associations of the territory.
In Piazza Matteotti will be set up the big stage with music, bans, dances and entertainment.
The group of "Carristi di Cilianum" will actively take part with 3 thematic allegorical wagons; the children will be able to get on the carts and parade along the streets of the town.
There will be snack areas, face painting corners and lots of sweets for everyone.

Telefono: 0522/241729
Social: FB comune di San Polo d’Enza e IG bibliosanpolodenza


"The new Carnival of Cervarezza"
Sunday 24 February 2019
Ventasso: Cerva Saloon
The fantastic Winter Carnival makes its return at Cervarezza.
Sunday 24 february from 11.00, a lot of initiatives will take place along the main street of the town.
The theme selected for 2019 is the "Saloon", people could take part with single masks, groups
or themed wagons.
There will be food stands, country music, western plays, throw of horseshoes, shooting gallery and with rope.
In addition, baby dance and country performance.
In the afertenoon inscriptions and parade float with prize-giving to participants at 16.30.
Telefono: 349 7750252


"Medieval Carnival"
2 march 2019, 17:30 h
Rocca Viscontea Castell’Arquato
The guided tour of the Rocca Viscontea is enriched by historical curiosities about the Carnival party.
The term Carnival derives from the Latin "carnem levare" or "remove the meat", and indicated the banquet that was held on Shrove Tuesday, or the last day of Carnival, before the Lent, fasting and purification time waiting for the Easter.
In ancient Rome, however, the fertility of the earth was celebrated at that time, which, after the winter torpor, returned to revive and nourish men and animals.
From the Saturnalia to the Feasts of the Fools, where the social order was subverted for a day, a small story of the happiest day of the year.
Following a hippocrasso tasting in Enoteca Comunale.
Cost: € 7.00 per person

Telefono 0523 803215
Social: FB Ufficio Turistico Castell’Arquato


"La Zobia - Fiorenzuola Carnival" - 37° Palio
2, 3 march 2019
P.zza Caduti and city center of Fiorenzuola
The Zobia, since late Medieval Ages, the historical Carnival from Fiorenzola, unique in its kind, has been invading the Town streets with its crazy crowd.
A true and real "open-air theathre" where everyone improvises an actor interacting with the audience through jokes and dialect sketches.
The main attraction is the long parade of wagons and hand-drawn carts that goes through the Main Road until the square.
Howewer, it is tradition that this type of Carnival needs the face undervored: the actor is not supposed to wear masks.
A local carnival made of joy, good wine and typical food from the area.
A carnival that is sincere and authentic because built with the passion of the people.

Telefono: 3339887088 / 3478243454
Youtube: la Zobia - il Carnevale di Fiorenzuola
Social: Zobia Fiorenzuola


"CarnevArte - Parma"
2 and 3 march 2019
Musei civici: Castello dei Burattini, Casa della Musica, Pinacoteca Stuard e Biblioteche Comunali
Events dedicated to the youngest ones at the libraries and Municipal museums with a small snack and workshops as creating masks, makeup, games, stories, etc.

IAT Parma
Telefono: 0521 218889 


"Carnevale da favola"
3 march 2019
Piacenza: via Roma and Giardini Merluzzo
“Carnevale da favola”, fabulous carnival, is the theme of this year's most awaited carnival in Piacenza, the one organized as usual by the Matti da Galera of Associazione Quartiere Roma.
On Sunday, March 3rd 2019, starting at 2 p.m., the Tagesmutter of Coop. L'Arco will wait for the children in search of disguise in a First Aid Mask, set up for the occasion at the Fabbrica e Nuvole in Via Roma 165, which will trasform the small participants into characters stolen from the pages of farytale books or into superheros of cartoons.
From 3.30 p.m. between via Roma and Giardini Merluzzo will take place the traditional costume parade, the competition that will reward the Maschere Matte da Galera and a show for children performed by Pappa e Pero.
Surprises and jokes for everyone until late in the afternoon for a fabulous carnival day.

IAT Piacenza 
Telefono 0523/492001
Social FB IAT Piacenza e FB Associazione Quartiere RomaIG iatpiacenzaTW @IatPiacenza


"Carnevale in città a Parma"
3 march 2019
In case of rain the event will be postponed in 9 march 2019
From Piazza Duomo to Parco Ducale
Meeting at 2.00 pm and departure about at 2.30 pm for the parade of floats; it will start in Piazza Duomo and reach the Ducal park following the streets in the historical centre.
In the park the event will end with the coronation of the king and queen of Carnival.

Telefono: 0521218889 – IAT Parma


"Carnevale Bobbiese e Pentolaccia"
3,10 march 2019
Bobbio city center
The first appointment of the Bobbio events calendar is with the fun and colorful Carnival.
Sunday 3rd of March from early afternoon will start the parade of cute allegorical floats and masked groups.
There will be the opportunity to taste gastronomic specialties linked to this traditional feast, such as the tasty chatter and the pancakes.
Sunday 10 th of March carriages and masked groups to conclude will end up in piazza Duomo for the traditiopnal game of pentolaccia, representatives of allegorical wagons and masked groups once blindfolded will try to break the pentolaccia that Bobbio turns into a large basket of Croccante (traditional sweet made of sugar and toasted almonds) containing many sweets and candies for the joy of all the children.

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"Carnevale in Piazza: bruciamo il falò"
5 march 2019  h.20:00
Piazza Gramsci - Sala Baganza
Tradition has it that the "Falò di Carnevale" lights up in Piazza Gramsci, creating an evocative setting with the Rocca di Sala Baganza as its backdrop.
The lighting of the Falò is an ancient ritual: in the countryside, the farmers lit it to propitiate a year of good harvests and drive away evils and aversities.
The event will be accompanied by gastronomic preparations, from the tender of cakes cooked by "rezdòre" (housewife cooks), from the parade of masks.

Telefono: 0521 331342 - 0521331343


"Carnevale bedoniese"
5 march 2019
Bedonia city center
From 2.30pm parade of allegorical floats and groups masked through the streets of the village, from about 5pm dancing around the Bonfire in Piazza Caduti per la Patria.
Following, live music and cocktails.

Uit Bedonia
Telefono: 0525824765