Castello di Paderna - Rassegna di fiori, piante e frutti di un tempo, prodotti dell'agricoltura

Flower, plants and yesteryear fruits exhibition - market

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The Castle of Paderna is the setting for the exhibition-market dedicated to the flowers, plants and fruits of yesteryear.   

Visitors can stroll between the stands of the exhibition in the old farm courtyard of the castle, or in the surrounding park, admiring the Renaissance towers and walls of this fortress in the plain, still surrounded by a moat filled with water. 

As in previous years, many exhibitors will offer a rich assortment of fruits, plants and natural produce, as well as craft products, for sale. And there will be a cafeteria providing refreshments. 

The castle is open and can be visited all year long, information available on the website

Last update 25/04/2022

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