Teatro Municipale Piacenza: the season

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  • Place
    Via Giuseppe Verdi, 41 - Piacenza and others places
  • Events
    Opera, theater and ballet
  • Interests
    Culture & Castles
  • Date
    Oct 25 - Nov 12, 2023
  • Price

The Teatro Municipale of Piacenza was inaugurated in 1804. It was designed by Lotario Tomba for a group of nobles from Piacenza, following the fire that destroyed the Cittadella theatre on December 24th, 1798.

The theatre is decorated in neoclassical style recalling that of the Scala theatre in Milan. Lotario Tomba worked out a plan on three quarters of ellipsis since in his opinion this design was better suited to the laws of optics and acoustics than the horseshoe plan used by Piermarini in Milan.

The programme, as usual, includes: Opera, Dance, Concerts, Prose. The 2022-23 season includes special programme for kids called "Young".

Further information is available on the official website teatripiacenza.it

Information offices

IAT R Piacenza
Piazza Cavalli 7 Piacenza (PC)
telephone:+ 39 0523 492001 iat@comune.piacenza.it web.web
Last update 23/06/2022

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