Discover Emilia

Emilia is a tourist area that includes the territories of 3 cities:

Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia

we say that if Emilia Romagna is the Italian Food Valley, its heart is Us.

Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham, PDO cured meats, pancetta, coppa and salami: a land where food tells about stories of our milleniary heritage.
Making tourism in Emilia means therefore enjoying life starting from food and its stories that have built Our Community.

Emilia is also fortresses, castles, historic houses: 50 from different ages, for example Canossa Castle of 1000 A.C., Torrechiara Castle that was the filming scene of Ladyhawke movie, Reggia di Colorno and Rivalta Castle with its 2 ghosts!
In the castles you can live a fairytale experience, you can organize sumptuous banquets and weddings, you can sleep in regal atmospheres.
A land of tradition, and tireless innovators. The three cities, founded 2200 years ago along the Roman via Emilia, are a treasure of history and artistic beauties, from the Romanesque to the Renaissance to the Baroque, but which also host contemporary works by Santiago Calatrava and Renzo Piano.

Emilia is also nature, the peaceful, straight and fertile nature of the plain crossed by Po river, the longest in Italy.
Po river, with its fiery sunsets and its winter fogs, can be sailed on a beautiful motor ship, you can cycle by bike along its banks and you can stop in the taverns where to eat culatello and to drink lambrusco, all seasoned with the notes of lyrical music of the great Giuseppe Verdi, born in our land.
Land of musicians in the 19th century with Verdi and Toscanini master and in the post-war period with rock singers as Ligabue and Zucchero Fornaciari.
It's also a land of monasteries,such as San Colombano in Bobbio, one of the most important in Europe in the Middle Ages.
It's a land of paths marked by the passage of medieval pilgrims to Rome: the Via Francigena, the Via degli Abati and the Via Matildica del Volto Santo are 3 green highways for those who want to live a slow tourism and a cultural heritage.

Through these routes you go from the flat plain along the Po river, its section has been recognized as MAB UNESCO zone, to more than 2000 m. of Appennino Tosco Emiliano National Park, a huge protection area of the relationship between man and environment, also MAB UNESCO area, dominated by the Pietra of Bismantova mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy.
Our generous land also reserves thermal springs and wellness places: Salsomaggiore is the most suggestive with a SPA in liberty style, its strategic position near the city and not too far from the ridge of Appennine mountain.
Finally to toast to the taste of life in Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia there are wines: the red as a ruby and sparkling lambrusco, gutturnio and the whites, the splendid malvasia, the ortrugo and the spergola, an ancient grape increasingly appreciated for aperitifs.

Come and visit our cities, you can take countryside breath and the welcome is made by people who give themselves time to know the guest!

Tourist information:


Parma IAT Office
phone +39 0521 218889


Piacenza IAT Office
phone +39 0523 492001


Reggio Emilia IAT Office
phone +39 0522 451152